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This page is currently under construction, but keep checking back! I will be providing helpful links & resources that I have used in my family's journey through homeschooling!

Homeschool Curriculum we are currently using for the 2016/2017 school year : 

Bible - Veritas self-paced online courses (k-high school)

History - Veritas self-paced online courses (k-high school)

Math - Prodigy (online game grades 1-8) & Life of Fred
Science - Magic School Bus Science Club

Other curriculum that we use/have used in the past that we love :


Click on the button below to access  the website, samples, and free catalog :

Ron Paul Curriculum

Free curriculum for grades K-5, $50 courses & forum access for grades 6-12.

Click here to access Ron Paul Curriculum

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

Perfect for middle school, high school, and adults.

For only $99 per year, members get access to all this:
  • a complete overview of U.S. history (the equivalent of two courses);
  • a history of Western civilization (also two courses);
  • a complete course in Austrian (free-market) economics;
  • a course on logic;
  • a course on the American Revolution;
  • a course in U.S. Constitutional history;
  • a course explaining, and then refuting, Keynesian economics;
  • a course on the history of political thought;
  • discussion forums, where you can ask us questions and interact with other members;
  • monthly live sessions with faculty;
  • additional courses to come

Click here to access Tom Wood's Liberty Classroom

Printables & Other Freebies

Be sure to visit Little Lovies below (click on image)! There is a wide variety of printable activities and games that while surely entertain and educate your child...and yes, there are FREE printables!

You can also find more printables at Startwrite!

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 Free Printables
Uppercase A-Z printing practice
Cursive handwriting packet
Artist Notebooking Pages

Other Free Stuff

Best Educational YouTube Channels
Mensa for Kids - Free lesson plans for early elementary - high school

* I am an affiliate of one or more of the links above. All commissions that I receive from these vendors are used to fund my blog, future giveaways, and cloth diaper drives - Thank you for your support!


  1. My husband and I are considering homeschooling our LO. I'm starting research now.

  2. It's nice to see how Homeschooling has made a comeback. I can't wait to start HSing my LO.

  3. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy these posts soon! Considering homeschooling and would love a good outlet!

  4. Thanks for the link to the Lovie Packs! We just started Tot School with my toddlers and plan on homeschooling! I love to see how many other families are also taking the leap! Thanks again!

  5. we recently deciuded to homeschool our tots in kindergarten so hopefully it goes well! fingers crossed


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