Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Homeschooler - Episode One : Flowers & People Who Do Not Take Showers

Yesterday marked the first official day of the 2017/2018 school year. This year, both of my boys are in a "hybrid" school in which they attend a classroom two times per week and I help them with the work assigned by their teachers on the other three days.

Sounds beautiful right? 

In many ways yes, the answer is yes. I do not have to piece together my own curriculum, I get a much needed "mommy break" part of the week, I get to see my kids more, be a crucial piece to their learning, and I am less likely to "slack off" and keep somewhat of a schedule. They both adored their teachers and spoke a mile per minute about all of the fun things and assignments that they did that day and could not wait to go back. However, today was the first day of schooling at home...and I already want to throw in the towel.

Between a fussy child that wants to nurse every time that I want to sit and catch a breath (and still wakes up every one to two hours per night / early morning) and the seven year old who thinks that math was a creation of the devil, I cry inside.

How do parents do it? I have known homeschooling families that have taught more than a few children at once and brag about how it is the most wonderful decision in the world. I lose my mind trying to handle two. I know parents that are able to wake up before 6 or 5 am to make lunches, feed, dress, and take the kids to school or make sure that they are at the bus stop on time. I was close to becoming a sobbing mess when I could not get my kids to eat breakfast and get dressed. I feel like I cannot win at either situation.

I am just starting, while others our on week number two. While the kids and I started off the morning with bright optimistic smiles and attitudes, one of those smiles quickly dissipated when it came to math time. Although, I had to laugh when I heard this chant from my seven year old :

"Welcome to the 60's where there are flowers, welcome to the 60's where nobody showers..."

His math workbook was beautifully decorated with the picture to the right. Oh well, at least we were able to make it through our day by late afternoon.

Sigh, and I did not have the energy to capture and post a flawless "first day of school" photo on my Facebook page, nor am I able to post pics all day long of my "lovely homeschooling life". Oh well, I have come to terms that I am not like other moms ❤

So how did your first days of school go?

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