Tuesday, February 21, 2017

FREE LilHelper Cloth Diaper - PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

Yes, you read it correctly. When your purchase exceeds $79, you will receive one FREE LilHelper cloth diaper and free shipping!

Click here for coupon code

If this post is your first introduction to LilHelper cloth diapers (I know...I have been meaning to write a review post for months. It is in the works, I promise!), get a closer look with this quick little video below.

Besides LilHelper diapers being my new FAVORITE night time diaper for my little one, I love how this company gives back to the community. For every 3 diapers that sell, LilHelper donates 1 with their Baby Do Good program.

Additionally, with every purchase from my LilHelper link, 5% of sales will be donated to The Family Center , an non-profit community center in Wilmore, KY which provides education, support, and a lending library.

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