Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cloth Diaper Detergent Picker Flowchart

One of the most frequent cause of complaints that I have seen among cloth diapering groups is finding the proper wash routine and detergents. Sadly, many have given up cloth diapering all together because of the varied and conflicting information.

In reality, washing cloth diapers should be as easy as washing your other laundry...and it really is!

First, use this chart to find the perfect detergent for you and your needs :

Next...the wash routine.

* Pre-rinse. I usually do this on cold since my goal is to rinse off the urine and remaining "ick" left on the diapers while saving energy (versus using warm or hot water).

* Full hot/cold cycle using the large load setting. I add the desired amount of detergent (which varies by brand) while the washing machine fills with the hot water and let the washer do its job. If I am switching detergent brands, I stop the washer when it is first agitating and let the diapers soak for an hour or so that the detergent can remove any build up left on the diapers.

*Extra rinse (with no detergent) to remove remaining soap.

That's it!

Still having washing issues? Check out my cloth diaper laundry routine post which includes a mobile troubleshooting app that can help solve your washing problems (stress-free) in minutes.

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