Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Am No Supermom...

     Being a mom is tough, and there are days when I feel so incredibly worn that it takes every ounce of inner strength to get of bed. I am reminded of the song "Worn" written by Tenth Avenue North. Believe it or not, band member Mike Donehey, wrote this song about being a parent, and I can relate entirely to what he has to say. If you haven't heard it, here it is :

I have heard plenty of times from friends of mine that they think that I live the easy life because I am a stay-at-home mom. No full-time "job" (this one really gets me), no scrambling to get kids ready for day care, blah, blah, blah...I get to play all day long right? Oh, and homeschooling...how cute. I think that I am fully capable to educate my children. Why should I complain?

Like my house, I am a constant mess.

As for the wife role?
Well, I mess that one up constantly too.

Many times I let the world and myself convince me that I am a constant failure in every aspect of my life. In no way do I measure up to all of the boasting supermoms who use their Facebook statuses as check-off lists and proudly flaunt them for all of their friends and family to see...

I am in constant battle with finding peace in a house with piles of broken toys, marked up walls, while the 5 year old runs around in nothing but underwear and socks on his hands.

I am not "super-mom"...and I may never be, but here is what I am :

A teacher that encourages her children to extend love to everyone, even to the undesirable, the poor, the sick, and the enemy.

A healer who kisses away tears and has the magic power to make the pain of any stumble disappear.

A protector who chases away fears of thunderstorms.

A provider of nutrition, stories, songs, friendship, unconditional love, and comforter of sleepless nights and illness.

Most importantly, I am a mom who would never settle for anything less than the best for her children. I may not measure up the the others who wave their "It is 7am, breakfast is done, house is clean, morning workout is complete, and off to making lunch!" status as a banner of pride, but I am not just enough...but more than just enough for my children. I am their hero, and despite my faults, will convince anyone that I am the best mom in the entire world, whether I chose to believe it or not.

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