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Cloth Diapering - It's Easier Than You May Think With TushMate!

As a cloth diapering veteran of five years, I have tried dozens of brands and styles to find the "perfect" diaper. While I started out with prefolds and covers, which are by far the easiest to care for, but a little more difficult with a squirming child, my attitudes changed from time to time and child to child.

When I entered the world of the "modern diaper", I literally panicked. There was a plethora of information of which diapers to buy, what not to buy, which diapers were better for travel...the list went on and on.

What had seemed to be simple and affordable, became a nightmare...why couldn't there be a diaper that fit my wants and the wants of others?

Luckily, there is! The TushMate system truly offers it all...with just one diaper.

Cloth Diapering Options

Let's begin with the basics of the "modern" cloth diaper...

Did you know that the TushMate cloth diapering system offers all of these options?

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Yes, the options seem quite scary at first. However, the TushMate cloth diapering system makes it easy...because you can have ALL of these options with just one purchase so that you can decide what works best for your family.

You can use a TushMate Shell with your own prefolds, fitteds, flats or absorbent inserts, whether they are reusable or disposable.

Snaps vs. Hook & Loop (aka velcro or aplix)
Now for the next big decision - closure. There are definitely benefits to both, as well as drawbacks.

Personally, I love hook & loop because you can achieve the perfect waist size for your child. The hook & loop also makes diapering changing a little less overwhelming for those who aren't familiar with cloth diapers, because the closure is similar to that of a disposable diaper. The con? Hook & loop can wear over time, especially if it is not properly cared for.

If you are not a fan of the hook & loop, you can opt for snaps.Whatever your decision, TushMate is so confident in the quality of their diapers, that they include a one-year warranty and a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Washing The Diapers

Laundry time...this is where most of the cloth diapering frustration occurs...and even an all out battle over what detergents, additives, routines to use and not to use.
In the beginning, I simply washed my son's diapers as I would with any of my other laundry, and that worked for me. Of course, I was a strict heavy-duty cotton prefolds user and hand washed the covers.

Over time, I found interest in a variety of cloth diapering options with different fabric/care instructions, and coupled with a move to a city with EXTREMELY hard water, my methods had changed. My diapers never seemed to get clean!

I tried every Eco-friendly detergent under the sun, until I found two that actually worked. Come to find out, it was mostly my wash routine that needed fixing...

TushMate recommends washing diapers in water temperature 120 ° F or lower and never to use the sanitize tempting as it may sound. I wash my son's diapers on a warm/cold cycle without any problems.

How often do I wash diaper laundry? Every 1-2 days or so, but never more than 3...otherwise they start wreaking of ammonia (which is normal). As for bleach and additives, it is always best to check with the manufacturer. All but one of the cloth diapering companies recommended using bleach (my first time did not turn out so well) and all strongly suggest not to use fabric softeners.

Give the maker credit...they want you to enjoy their product as much as possible!

If you have any more cloth diapering questions, feel free to post them on my Facebook page or the TushMate Facebook page, either of us would gladly help you!

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This is a paid post via Share A Sale. I will also receive a small commission from purchases made from some or all of the links above, however, personal opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced in away way. I only post about products that my family uses and/or I feel are a "good fit" for my audience.

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