Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vote For Your Favorites In The Padded Tush Stats 2013 Diaper Awards!

It's that time again...voting for the official 2013 Diaper Awards has begun!

Show your favorite cloth diaper retailers and brands some love by giving them the recognition that they deserve and vote HERE. Voting will close at the end of December.

Wait, there is MORE!

The Red Carpet Giveaway Event is an opportunity for us to celebrate not just the NOMINEES for the awards, but all of the wonderful companies in the Cloth Diaper Community.

There are going to be over $1,000 worth of prizes available. You can win by entering the Red Carpet Giveaway Event, did I mention that there will be TONS of cloth diaper prizes?

The event will begin December 2, 2013 and will end the night of the diaper awards (January 15th) on the Padded Tush Stats website.

If you are a retailer or a blogger who would like to get involved in the mega-giveaway portion of the event, there is still time to hop on board! Go HERE to register.

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