Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Minute Costume Ideas - For The Super Mom!

As moms, we are known for our uncanny abilities to whip up dinner from just a few items and left overs or clean up the house in a flash when the in-laws want to drop in for a visit.

So, if you have procrastinated like I had and have not come up with a costume for yourself, why not put your superhuman powers to the test? I put together my costume in less than 5 minutes using items that I already had...I will compliment my children's costumes of choice (Batman & Spiderman...despite my fruitless efforts of explaining why it is deplorable to mix DC and Marvel comics...sigh) and go as Super Mom!

Please do not view this costume as degrading to all "female-hood" by displaying the "June Cleaver" cliches, because, if anything, I think being a mom (or dad) rightly deserves the super hero title! In fact, a dad can easily recreate this costume to be Super Dad!

Step 1 : Assemble

For my top, I choose my silver/grey Everlast compression shirt since I thought that the brand name printed on the front seemed to fit the mom title perfectly, and to show off my "mommy muscles"! Next I borrowed my son's cape from his costume since it was much too long for him. You can make a cape yourself by getting some fabric from your local craft and hobby store, cut up an extra large t-shirt, or pin a sheet around your neck.

Yoga pants or leggings are perfect for the bottom half, and if you want a slight feminine touch, you can wear a skirt on top.

Step 2 : Accessorize!

Yes, this word may have been removed from your mommy vocabulary, but this is where the costume buidling gets fun and creative. Here are just a few ideas on how to personalize your Super Mom motif...

Utility Belt - Fully equipped with any or all of the below items :

- Spatula and/or kitchen utensils
- Noise tissue
- "Snot Sucker" bulbs
- Baby wipes
- A bottle of all purpose cleaner
- Dawn liquid

Mask - can be made from felt or paper

Props - Maybe a laundry basket? Mine will be full of cloth diapering items.

Shoes - Your choice, maybe a combination of the two!

- Heels (for the daring momma!)
- Boots
- Slippers

Gloves - Probably most likely dish washing gloves...

Food - No Super Mom ensemble is complete without any (or all) of the following :

- Cheerios stuck in the hair or all over the body
- Baby food (or the much feared "unknown" substance) smears

Other Last Minute Costume Ideas

What if you do not have ideas for the rest of your family? Have no fear! Here are some links to posts that have some easy, last minute ideas!

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DIY Costumes Board (via Pinterest) *Note, many walks of life pin to this board, so I have no control over what you will see...*

Are you making your own costumes this year? Or maybe you have not been a slacker like me and have that all figured out...what will your your family dress up as?

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  2. I want to see a photo of the final result, Alanna!! Your ideas are hilarious!

  3. I too want to see a picture of it all put together. I didn't dress myself up this year since I was too busy getting my kids ready, this is a great idea for next year though.

  4. I cannot ever make costumes---I gather ribbons, glitter, material, cushions, etc. with great intentions and then I end up waiting until the last minute and purchasing most or all of the costumes! Fail!

  5. Those are cute costume ideas! I bet your family was adorable out on Halloween night! We like to make our own costumes, because it saves money, and encourages the children to be creative! :)

  6. These are cute costume ideas! :) I'm just so terrible at making anything! I can't even cut a circle! :/


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