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A True One-Size Fits All Cloth Diaper - Greenline Diapers Review

About Green Line Diapers

Green Line Diapers is owned by a husband and wife team in British Columbia, Canada. These diapers feature a unique drawstring cord and lock system to allow their handmade diapers to fit babies from birth until potty training.

Custom spots are open on the 18th of each month, and if there is a particular fabric that you have in mind, Green Line diapers will happily create your special diaper!

For this review, I was sent a size 2 Green Line Diaper cover (which I was very excited to try, becuase I absolutely love the cover and cloth system!). The size 2 is 1.5" wider in the waist and 1" longer in the rise than the regular size and is designed for children 30 lbs and above. 

What I Love About This Diaper :

No PUL Cover!

You heard it right, no polyurethane laminate. The cover consists of a 100% cotton outer and breathable waterproof Ultrex inner. Breathable, yet water resistant...what an incredible combination! The first night I put the Green Line diapering system on Leettle, I was a little afraid that the cover would not hold in wetness because of the absence of PUL, which is present in all of his other diapers. However, I was proven wrong when Leettle woke up to be changed. The soaker was completely wet in front (he is a tummy sleeper), but the cover was dry on the outside! Leettle doesn't wet as much as he used to, but when he drenches the soaker completely, he has not experienced any wicking (wetness on the cotton outside) issues.

Since the cover is not made from a "stretchy" PUL, the cover is durable, but a snug and comfortable fit can be achieved.

Nighty-Night! No worries about bedtime leaks with this diaper!

Ease Of Use

It is easy to become quite overwhelmed by the many options of cloth diapers, and when adding various care instructions based on is enough to make one consider not using cloth diapers at all. The Green Line diapering system is very easy to care for, with NO PREPPING involved, well, beyond the initial washing of course.

The entire diaper, cover and bamboo insert, only need to be washed with a simple cold/warm cycle with detergent. After washing, tumble dry on low heat - that's it!

Quick Drying

Since the bamboo soaker is thin, much like a "flat", it drys much quicker than a standard bamboo insert if you decide to line dry. That being said, this diaper is perfect if you decide to wash by hand. Since Leettle is only wearing diapers during times he is sleeping or when we are out and about, cloth diaper wash loads have been quite small, so I have been washing his covers and cloth by hand. If you would like to know more about hand washing cloth, check out my "Flats Challenge" posts.

The cover does not line dry as quickly as my son's PUL covers, probably because of the cotton outer, but even after washing and hanging diapers to dry overnight, the Green Line cover is ready to use in the morning. 


When I first received this diaper I was quite surprised by the size of the cover. At first I feared that it even might be a little too large, but looks can be quite deceiving, because this cover had amazing adjustability! For a comparison, I decided to test the diapers size range against another diaper brand known for it's "true one-size" adjustability. As you can see, the Green Line diaper is a little larger, but the same newborn size can be acheived by tightening the chords. In fact, on the smallest setting, both leg holes fit around my thumb a little loosely.

Check out those itty-bitty leg holes!

No instructions came with the diaper, so I let the remaining chord dangle, which Leettle didn't like to much. So I turned to the Green Line Diaper YouTube channel and found a video on how to properly put on the diaper. Here are simple step by step instructions on how to put on the Green Line Diapering system using a tri-fold. If you would prefer to view the video, you can watch it here or check out the step-by-step images below.


I love how this diaper is incredbily trim with the use of only the bamboo soaker. Of course, if your child is a heavy wetter or simply needs extra protection at night, I would suggest the addition of another soaker. No "fluffy-butt" action here!

Super Strong Velcro

Also known as "aplix" or "hook & loop", velcro does not get much love from the cloth diapering world. In fact, for a long time I had vowed never to buy a diaper with aplix again. However, when I noticed that others were a little overwhelmed by changing Leettle's diapers, I decided to add some diapers with aplix closure to the stash. With most of those diapers that I bought the aplix frayed or became less "sticky" after a few washes, thus damaging other diapers in the washing machine if the "hooks" and "loops" couldn't stay secured.

However, I love the strong aplix fasteners that the Green Line Diaper have. Leettle is in the process of potty training, so I have been reaching for the neglected aplix diaper stash so that he can easily unfasten his diapers by himself. He could not take off this cover! The closure was much too strong...and this boy as quite the super-toddler strength! If for any reason you think that your child tear off their diaper, or when the aplix wears out a little, you can order a diaper lock for only $0.25 extra!

Naptime & Night-time Use

For nap-time, the cover with the one bamboo soaker was enough. Additionally, no wicking of the cotton fabric during the night! This could be due to Leettle's recent potty training efforts, but the soaker was entirely wet during some of the diaper changes with no wet clothes or bedding. If your child is a heavy wetter, you can wrap an insert inside the soaker or fold two bamboo soakers together.

Middle of the night diaper change. Soaker is completely wet, but cover is dry!

Bottom Line

I absolutely love this diaper and feel quite guilty that I am now reaching for it more than my favorite "tride & true" covers and pre-folds. The print is very bright and adorable and on my average-build toddler, it fits him perfectly. He is roughly 32 lbs, but I am sure that this diaper would exceed the 35 lb weight limit.

The only thing that that I wish that the diaper had was laundry tabs. Since I prefer to hang dry my covers, the "hook" portion stuck to some of my sons other diapers when lying across the rack. The extra step of reattaching the hook and loop wasn't that big of a deal, but I had to remind myself to do so before I scooped up all of the covers and diapers before assembling and putting away. Since I love this diaper so much, this issue was very minor.

For a parent considering cloth diapers or one who is simply trying to add a little variety to their stash, I would higly recommend the Green Line diaper covers and bamboo soaker.

You can purchase a Green Line cover for $17 (size 1, up to 30 lbs) - $18 (size 2, up to 30 lbs+)

Be sure to check out all of the other Green Line cloth diapers products, including fleece covers, menstrual pads, nursing pads, and more at their website.

You can also follow Green Line diapers on Facebook or by e-mail! Look for the fan club subscription on the left hand side of the website.

What is your favorite Green Line product or print?

Disclosure : Even though I was supplied a product for review, I was not paid for this post nor was I enticed to give a positive review. Leettle Baby is also an affiliate of one or more of the products and banners you will see on this site. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own and based on personal experience with the product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising.


  1. These look interesting. I like that the legs look very easy to adjust. My son was a bit of a porker, so most diapers would never have fit him.

  2. When I see all these cute cloth diapers, I wish I had a little one to make that choice with. BUt then I realize I am happy I am done diapering altogether.

  3. I just reviewed one myself. I had a Green Line diaper over a year ago that I loved but it confused my husband so I sold it. I am so glad to have another one. I love the print you got.

  4. Great print! We have a GL diaper - it is absolutely the trimmest diaper I've encountered (and super thirsty bamboo too)!

  5. Looks like a great diaper! The sizing adjustment is extremely unique. I like that the inserts dry quickly.

  6. I've never tried a Green Line, but I do love that they are made in Canada! I've never heard of this Ultrex, so I'll have to research it. It's interesting. :-)

  7. These are so cute! I've been wanting to try Green Line's because I've heard good things about them. I've been the same lately about aplix/H&L diapers. I was adamant about using snaps only for a while, but sometimes an impatient toddler requires a quick change!

  8. This is the first I've heard of Green Line. Looks like something I may want to try for my LO in the future, as my LO is a bit of a big child: 26+ lbs at 10 months, and starting to grow out of most one-size ranges now at 11 months.

  9. I've never heard of the "Green Line" cloth diapers before; they seem like great value! I love how customizable their sizing is! A lot of cloth diapers say "one size", but don't deliver; it's great to hear that this diaper does! I also think "Green line" cloth diaper prints are adorable! :)

  10. This sounds like a wonderful diaper. Thanks so much for the review. I've never heard of these before.

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  12. I've been skeptical about the cloth diaper fad, but am super interested in trying them out, especially after all the positives I hear!

  13. These look like they may be a good option for night time for my little girl. I will have to look into them more.


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