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Purchasing A Full Stash Of RagaBabe Cloth Diapers May Be Cheaper Than It Seems...

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If I could cloth diaper all over again

As I had mentioned in previous posts, cloth diapering can in fact, be the cheapest way to diaper a baby. Over the past four years (going on five!) I have tested many diapers, from pre-folds, pins, and pants to customs, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, hybrids, fitteds, and even cloth diapers that I could not believe someone would spend TEN TIMES the money on versus a budget one.

So what diapers would I buy if I could do it all over again?

Easy answer...organic Ragababe 2-Steps. The diapers that I swore to myself that I would NEVER buy.

Yes, at over $35.00 a pop, my husband would have sent me to counseling and Fluffaholics Anonymous if he found out I had compiled a whole stash of these diapers. However, I think I have come up with a no-fail plan to convince him to buy these for child number 3, if there will be one in the future.

Leettle's shirt says it all...RagaBabes are SERIOUSLY AWESOME!

The RagaBabe "Purchasing Plan"

RagaBabe has placed purchasing limits on all diapering purchases (it was 3 diapers on the last time I had purchased), this is to prevent "diaper scalpers" whose intent is to resell the diapers in order to make a profit, which doesn't hurt RagaBabe any, but it prevents parents who actually want to use them for their children, without having to find them elsewhere and pay a small fortune.

There are benefits to this restriction though, I like to see it as a way to convince my husband that it is like some sort of "purchasing plan", that will eventually pay for itself.

Step 1 : Buy the diapers in small increments in order to buy a full stash a little at a time without having to buy all $860+ worth at once.

Typically, diaper stockings are 3 times per month, so that means if you want a stash of 24 diapers, you will need to be purchase from 8 stockings...3 months of stalking the website and Facebook page. If interested in buying a newborn stash, you want to begin diaper shopping no later than 5 months of pregnancy.

Sounds complicated and time consuming? Yes, maybe, but your efforts will be worth it in the long run because...

(Please note that I am NOT encouraging "diaper scalping" for a profit here)

Step 2 : Sell those those diapers to buy your next stash!
If you buy a stash of RagaBabe newborn size cloth diapers (size 0 snapped, which fits from 4-18lbs), you can turn around and sell them close to, if not more than what you paid for them...because that is what people will buy them for. On eBay and cloth diaper B/S/T pages, I have seen used RagaBabes sell for anywhere between $20-$60, and sometimes even more. With the money your receive from those diapers you can turn around and start purchasing your size 2 snapped diapers (fit from 15-40lbs).

Since the size 2's fit from 15-40lbs, you can start selling off your newborn diapers in phases of 3 or so as soon as he or she reaches 15 lbs. There are times when Ragababe will remove purchasing limits, so you can buy more diapers at once. When you get tired of a certain color or feel like you need to have a new print, sell one to fund the purchasing cost. When it is time for potty training, then sell the stash. Odds are, you will have a print of style that is not currently available and there will be at least a few fluff addicts that would pay top dollar for your piece of treasure.

If my husband is still opposed to that idea, here is my back-up plan...

Most of my family and friends live out of state, so instead of shower gifts, they typically send me gift cards because the cost of shipping gifts can almost cost as much as the gift itself. So, I will be sure to ask for RagaBabe gift certificates instead!

I will also be selling Leettle's current cloth diaper stash in the near future...so I will be sure to have a good pile of cash to re-invest soon!

Do you have a dream cloth diaper stash? What would you like to be included?

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  1. I love Fluff! I am a cloth addict! I swear. I have never used ragababe but have heard some pretty amazing things. I need to get my hands on some. I have never bought newborn diapers, rather used sposies.

  2. I love that you have a back-up plan! lol
    I did not use cloth diapers when my children were little (that was over 10 years ago) but I plan on purchasing some for my daughter's 1st baby (my 1st grandbaby). Thanks for the info on Ragababe.....Checking them out!

  3. This is so smart! I am on the side of never having purchased a RagaBabe because of cost and confusion with stockings (I get confused easily ;) ), but this is brilliant! Definitely makes the argument for RagaBabes much more appealing. I soooo want some!!

  4. It does seem like a lot of time and effort is involved to score some Ragababes, but if you like them a lot and they have a high resale value, it would be worth it for you!

  5. To be honest, with my first child I assumed that the infant sized prefolds that I bought a couple months prior to his birth (which ended up being early), would fit him...but he was 5lbs at birth! We got a box of sposies for free because Toys R Us had a promotion on when you bought over X amount of baby gear you got a box of diapers. So, yes, I did use sposies when our youngest was a newborn because his cloth would not fit him and I could not afford to buy more covers & etc. that would fit him for such a short period of time :-)

  6. My thoughts have definitely change over the years. I used to purchase diapers on eBay and when we came across the RagaBabes when trying to build a stash for baby number 2 (we had another in diapers) my husband would say "no way are you ever going to be these"! He is a fan of the $3 cheapies...but after years of trying dozens of diapers, these are among my favorites. The inserts are incredible, the thick back elastic is snug, and the diaper performs well at night...I can't say that about some of my $25+ diapers :-) $35 also isn't so bad compared to the cost of getting a custom diaper.

  7. Love the idea, but in theory just sounds like way too much work. :) I really thought I would resell my diapers, but now I just want them to make it through any future baby and donate them.

  8. I'm glad Ragababes worked so well for you! We have a pretty diverse stash of cloth diapers, and even for diapers with high resale value I doubt that I would go to the work of trying to sell them. I have a diaper I just bought to do some photos of our LO: I spent $30, used it twice, and even that I've been thinking, "Do I really want to go to the effort to sell this?" I think if a diaper is worth it to you, it's worth the money. Even if you spend $1000 on cloth diapers it's still an overall savings versus disposable diapers.

  9. That's definitely true. I just wish they were stocked in stores! But I guess that's what makes them even cooler :) It's hard for me to remember when stockings are and things like that (another reason I have yet to ever purchase a diaper from hyena cart or etsy). I REALLY want to try one though... I've wanted to since we started cloth diapering.

  10. My stash cost me less than $200. For that price I don't feel like they have to survive for resale.

  11. I'm SOO excited to get some Ragababes! Everyone raves about them and we are building our stash for baby #1 due in December. We also have a newborn sized stash going and hopefully I can snag one of those for her.

  12. I have yet to try a RagaBabe and I am a little afraid to try them. I am afraid I would love them as much as everyone else and want to buy a ton of them. I am really loving my prefolds right now, especially the geffen baby ones. I don't know why I didn't try them from the start. It would have saved me some money :)

  13. I am still quite partial to my prefolds too. I haven't tried the Geffen Baby ones though...I have heard great things about them ;-)


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