Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do You Have The Golden Diaper?

SoftBums always has a pretty sweet giveaway when announcing their new Calendar Bums Diapers...this time they are doing it Willy Wonka style! There will be not one, but two winners!

Find the colored snap on the back of the diaper, and you will get a Bamboo Super Pod insert!

Meet the August Calendar Bum - Mia!

This month, Soft Bums is proud to present this beautiful girly print MIA. MIA is available in Omni w/Velcro. As always these are a limited edition print and will sell out, so be sure to get yours now!

...and now for the giveaway!

How to Enter:

* Simply purchase an August Calendar Bums Shell at or your favorite SoftBums Retailer. (available August 1st 2013)

Here is my list of favorite retailers :

Soft Bums
Kelly's Closet
Kissed By The Moon
* Please note that some of these retailers may not have this print in stock...
* Wait impatiently for your mail to get to your house.

* Open your Fluffy Mail

* Check the back snap on the shell if it is the MYSTERY color that isn't WHITE YOU ARE THE WINNER, You've Got the Golden Diaper!!

* Extra points if you take a video of yourself opening your Fluffy Mail and tag & share it with us on facebook (tag: #SoftBumsGoldenDiaper, @SoftBums), pinterest, (tag: #SoftBumsGoldenDiaper, @softbums) or email.

* IF you take a video of yourself opening your fluffy mail and you don't receive the "Golden Diaper" but you still send us your shared video, you will be entered in a drawing via for 2nd place.

This giveaway will be over once the Golden Diaper has been found. SoftBums will announce the winner on their blog page & post their video if they had one. Runner up winner will also be selected once the Golden Diaper has been found. This may take a couple weeks. Leettle Baby was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are 100% my own. Some links above may be affiliate links.

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I love the August Calendar Bum, but unfortunately my daughter is working on potty training and I am due with a baby boy in a couple weeks, so this print doesn't seem practical to buy :(

  2. This diaper is adorable! I think it is my favorite print I Have seen from them so far!

    -Hannah Avery

  3. I think this is an awesome idea. I'm just kinda bummed that they decided to start doing it with a gender specific print. They should have started with a neutral print so everyone could join in on the fun. FYI, I LOVE Softbums!!!


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