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Cloth Diapering Is Easy With The Smart Snugs All-In-2 {Review}!

With all of the modern cloth diaper choices available, it is difficult to find one that has everything one would expect from a diaper. When purchasing a cloth diaper, I want the most affordable option without compromising quality and performance. I was thrilled when I had been contacted weeks ago by Smart Snugs who gave my the opportunity to try their new All-In-2 cloth diapering system...and it truly comes close to perfect!

Features Of The Smart Snugs All-In-2 Cover

* Double leg gussets prevent leaks and provide a incredible fit.

* Super soft moisture-wicking microfleece pockets in the front and back of the diaper keep insert in place and keep baby try around the stomach and back.

* Waterproof PUL cover to prevent leaks.

* 3-snap adjustable rise system to allow diaper to fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds.

* Overlapping and adjustable waist snaps allow a customized fit and to prevent "wing droop"

Smart Snugs Insert Options
Smart Snugs offers 5 different options for inserts, but for this review is was sent the 6 layer bamboo inserts with waterproof PUL backing and gussets.  These inserts are incredibly thick, and Leettle could easily wear the Smart Snugs All-In-2 cover with one of these inserts during the day or naptime.

For overnight use, Leettle did require a little more absorbency, so I would place another insert on top. I would definitely recommend using Smart Snug's extra absorbent 5 layer inserts. There were only a couple nights that wetting through the cover had been an issue, but for the most part, it is safe to say that these inserts are the most absorbent that I own.
 The PUL backing on the inserts is also a HUGE plus! Changing a wet insert was easy, I simply unsnapped the diaper, tossed the wet insert in the pail, wiped Leettle's bottom, slipped in a new insert, fastened the diaper, and viola! The cover rarely became wet on the inside, except when worn overnight.

As you can see from the picture above, the inserts also have gussets. This amazing feature (as far is I know, Smart Snugs are the only retailer that offers this) not only holds in more of the "mess", they also keep the insert in place. No additional snaps to deal with on the inside of the diaper and not once have I encountered a problem with the inserts shifting.

With many All-In-2 diapering systems, there is a problem with PUL coming in contact with the skin, and this irritates some babies. However, since the Smart Snug All-In-2 has the fleece lined front and back, as well as the wide insert...very little of the waterproof layer comes in contact with the skin.


As you can see below, the Smart Snugs All-In-2 fits my Leettle perfectly. The waterproof cover is quite stretchy, so Leettle can have a snug fit, and the gusset elastic is covered, so not once did he get red marks around his leg area.
Leettle is roughly 30 lbs and wears the second rise setting 

I do not have a newborn to try this diaper on, but on the smallest setting, the innermost gusset was about as wide as my this cover offers quite a bit of growing room!

On Leettle, I used the second rise setting, so I am quite sure that the Smart Snugs All-In-2 system  will last him until potty training, which will be very soon. He is 30lbs and has a pretty average build.

Another feature that separates the Smart Snugs All-In-2 diaper from many of the other cloth diapers that I own, is the non-exposed cloth at the waistline. For the most part, Leettle can sleep with any type of diaper with two of the standard 3 layer inserts, but when he wets heavily during the night, the moisture mostly seeps from the top back. This is most likely due to wicking from the inner cloth material at the waist.

Bottom Line...Would I Recommend This Diaper?

Yes, yes, YES...and the picture below says it all!

My son and I love our Smart Snugs!The diaper (with the charcoal bamboo insert) keeps him dry. All-In-2 haves become my go-to-diaper. They are extremely easy for anyone who has little cloth diapering knowledge and they are quite economical.

To purchase : 

The Smart Snug Simple Snug All-In-2 cover (as pictured in my review) is $14.99. There is also the Nature Snug All-In-2 option that has charcoal bamboo fleece for $18.99.

For a limited time, all Smart Snugs products are 16% off! Take advantage of this sale while it lasts!

For all available cloth diapering items, visit the Smart Snugs website.
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Have you tried the Smart Snugs All-In-2 diaper yet? What is your favorite feature?

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  1. I've never thought to try diaper covers with fleece flaps inside and a lay-in insert. We usually go for prefolds with a snappi. This looks so much easier though! And I can see how you could fold a prefold to use as an insert, too.

  2. Olivia @ This West Coast MommyAugust 23, 2013 at 5:23 PM

    This one has several features I like in a diaper - dual gussets and hip snaps. I haven't tried charcoal bamboo before. What's the difference between that and regular bamboo?

  3. Wish these had been around when my daughter was younger. What a smart concept.

  4. The charcoal bamboo insert is topped with charcoal bamboo fleece, and wicks moisture away from skin. The regular bamboo cotton will feel a little more wet against the skin. Both inserts do a superb job in absorbing wetness though :-)

  5. You can definitely use a pre-fold too! In fact I keep a stash of infant sized prefolds to use as inserts for all of my covers rather than buying extra inserts.

  6. Finding a brand or two of cloth diapers you love and can rely on is really helpful. Sadly, our youngest has just about potty trained out of his fluff. We're excited and a little sad at the same time. Here is why we choose cloth diapers.

  7. Just got 3 smartsnugs in the mail! I got the pocket style this time, but would love to also try the AI2s!

  8. I just received a smartsnug from my sister in the post. I did not know what it was! The size looked smaller but reading your post makes is all come in to picture. Thanks for posting about smartsnugs!

  9. I appreciate that the PUL is lined, as you pointed out. I would imagine that wet PUL on the skin would feel very hot and sticky. The diapers do not look too bulky either! Will have to add a Smart Snugs to our list to buy :)

  10. I have heard so many good reviews about Smart Snugs. I would love to try an AI2. I haven't yet- just AI1 and Pockets. I like the snug waist and that it fits bigger babies.


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