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Via Parenting From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years Audio Course {Review + Giveaway}

Shouting matches, crying, temper tantrums, crayon murals during a "time out" session.

These are just a few joys of parenting.

As a stay-at-home mom of a three and four year old, I can honestly say that my 24/7 job is chaos. After 10-12 hours of sleep, my kids wake me up, are full of energy, while I am exhausted from a long night of working on my blog, laundry (which never seems to be done), dishes, chores, etc. As I make my way to the coffee maker (forgetting to put my contacts in or glasses on), I stumble over the toys that I failed to pick up the night before, bump into a child who is running around the house screaming, and shirtless.

One of my problem areas as a parent is learning how to handle the "power struggles". My boys and I are quite stubborn, so a simple request to have them clean their room or to stay in bed, usually ends up in frustration and shouting...usually on my end. The last thing I do not want my child to feel like they are an inconvenience or that mommy is too stressed out to give them another kiss goodnight.

Needless to say, I feel constant GUILT.

 Recently, I have been given the opportunity to review the From Chaos To Tranquility Program, which honestly, couldn't have come at a better time!

From Chaos to Tranquility is an audio course, led by PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Rachel Sklar, that is broken up into 4 sessions audio. You can choose to listen to the course online or download it to any device that plays MP3's, so you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. I played mine on my iPad while doing the daily chores and carried it around with me when I moved from room to room.

In edition to the course, you will also receive :
- a guidebook in PDF format to follow along with the lessons (I suggest having this handy while listening to the lesson)
- access to an exclusive Facebook group for course participants (get or give help anytime you want!)

The Chaos from Tranquility program is not just a "one-problem = one-solution" guide, you get to tailor the program to your family's needs and goals - LONG TERM.

What I Found Most Helpful About The Chaos To Tranquility Program

* Understanding Each Child's Temperament - My boys are complete opposites. In the From Chaos To Tranquility course, I was encouraged to asses each of their temperaments (based on 9 different) characteristics. This exercise set the groundwork for creating my husband and I's "parenting plan".

* Releasing Guilt & Designing A Plan - In the workbook, I was challenged to write down my "problem areas" that resulted in guilt. Sklar discusses the importance of taking responsibility and designing a plan on creating an "Eco-system" that works. In this activity, I was able think about the ways that I could make my day run much more smoothly and come up with ways on how to prevent not only my children's "melt-down" episodes, but mine as well. I now go to bed an hour early and wake up an hour early to have my "me" time. No longer do I feel "rushed" to get breakfast on the table and I greet my kids with a smile.

I started each day reading my "mantra" sheet while sipping my coffee

* Family Meeting Agenda - Later in the course, Sklar gives a guideline in the workbook and some scripts with effective strategies on how to conduct your family meetings with you toddler. Prior to the From Chaos To Tranquilty program, my husband and I were the sole decision makers on punishments...which were usually swift (without giving much thought to the actual outcome) and were the same for each child. With this program, I learned to acknowledge the fact that my children and the problem are not one thing. The problem is separate, and requires a just an immediate action to a desired solution.

The Cost

Yes, I will admit...$97.00 may seem a little high for the content. On the other hand, going to a counselor isn't cheap either, and this can cost anywhere from $60 to $100 or more for ONE 50-60 minute session alone! Additionally, you can restart the program as often as you like.

If you work through the From Chaos to Tranquility program and still find that it’s not helping you at all, then you may request a full refund up to 30 days after you register, so there is no risk involved.

Bottom Line 

Personally, my attitude towards my children changed from day one. Of course, my parenting skills are no where perfect, and will never be. I am glad that I will have From Chaos to Tranquility as a guide and would recommend it to anyone who has a toddler (or toddlers), or a child nearing that stage.

You can purchase the From Chaos To Tranquility Program HERE.
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  1. We adopted my granddaughter and may be adopting another shortly, this will really help us. Her Mother has bi-polar so I think I can really learn a lot from all of these. You forget a lot when you get older and I could use some ideas to make our life more calm. Thanks for the chance

  2. Heather PfingstenJuly 31, 2013 at 6:42 PM

    I would love to learn how to handle my daughter's meltdowns with ease. They are horrible.

  3. I would love to be able to parent without feeling guilty.


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