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Don't Dread That "Time Of The Month", Try The Skoon Cup! {Review}

Yes, I am about to venture into a topic that I have yet to discuss - menstrual cups. Before you close this window from you computer, hear me out, because I am sure that we can agree that we care about our health. After all, us women have had these talks with our mothers before, but I promise not to get too descriptive.

Why Menstrual Cups?

Besides the obvious, less waste, menstrual cups are cost efficient. When looking up the cost of average cost of disposable feminine products per year, the numbers were all over the place from $30.00 to $100.00 per year. While $40.00 for a cup may seem like a huge investment, the cup that will last for several years as long as it is properly cared for.

No risk of TSS - a tampon must be replaced every 8 hours. Menstrual cups only need to be "dumped", washed, and re-inserted every 12 hours, depending on flow.

No chemicals - Tampons are made with cotton (a crop that is heavily sprayed with pesticides and bleached), Rayon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene. Manufacturers use a chlorine-bleaching process with chlorine dioxide, elemental chlorine-free (which isn’t free of chlorine as the name might suggest, but really means that it’s not a chlorine gas process) or hypochlorite bleaches. These processes create toxic byproducts–most notably, dioxins. Dioxins are carcinogenic, toxic to the immune and reproductive systems, and have been know to cause hormone disruption.

No leaks - When inserted properly, a menstrual cup should not leak. The typical size 2 cup holds 30 grams whereas tampons hold between 6-15 depending on size.

Freedom - As a strict cloth pad user for over two years, I dreaded summer swimming. In addition, going to the gym or jogging was not fun either because the outline of my pads was visible from my running shorts and they tended to shift or not provide the adequate protection that I needed. With a comfortable silicone cup, you may just want to shout the words in your best Mel Gibson voice..."freeeedoooom!"

So, I was quite happy when I got the opportunity to review the Skoon Menstrual Cup. I have been using it for two cycles and honestly, my "time of the month" is much more pleasant.

Skoon Cups are available in two sizes - size 1 (23ml)for women who haven't previously given birth vaginally & size 2: (30ml) for women who have given birth vaginally.

Why I love The Skoon Cup

Prior to using the Skoon cup, I had tried one other brand of menstrual cup for a couple of cycles. This other brand was a little uncomfortable and required quite a bit of practice to achieve a semi-comfortable fit. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical to use the Skoon cup. However, the Skoon cup is proudly made in the USA from the highest quality, medical-grade, super-soft, seamless, and smooth silicone. In fact, even after the first time using the Skoon cup, I couldn't even feel it (plus NO ABDOMINAL CRAMPING)! It was so comfortable that I could wear it at night, which isn't true of the other brand that I have. I also LOVE that the Skoon Cups are available in so many bright colors.

light blue not pictured

The Skoon cup is perfect if you have unpredictable cycles and you can even wear it comfortably before menstruation. The pouch that the cup comes with makes carrying the cup in my purse quite convenient, and it's always there. That being said there are no more emergency trips to the drugstore, which makes my husband quite happy.

One "myth" that I have heard about menstrual cups is that they "change your period". I could not find any scientific evidence to back this claim up, but some of my friends swear by their cup that their periods are a couple days shorter. I am not the type of person to write such a thing down in my calendar, but I have noticed that my last few cycles have been shorter. Coincidence? Maybe...

Inserting The Cup

One of my biggest fears when using menstrual cups for the first time was "how do I do this right?"

Inserting the Skoon Cup is pretty easy. You simply press down on the cup and fold in half (as pictured). Then, in a comfortable squatting position, insert the cup in it's folded position with your dominant hand while aiming it toward your tailbone (located at the base of your spine). Continue inserting until the stem is even with the vaginal opening. Menstrual cups are designed to sit lower in the vagina than a tampon, but beyond the pelvic bone. For a step-by-step picture tutorial (don't worry, they are just drawings!), refer to the Skoon Cup website.

Bottom Line

I would highly recommend the Skoon cup to anyone, and honestly, I have no complaints about the product (although it would be nice if it were self cleaning!). I really do not look forward to dumping out the cup in a public restroom and washing it in the sink. If you suffer from this fear like I do, I would recommend getting two cups and cart around a travel sized container to rinse the cup and put the cup in a small wet bag until you can wash it.

Still have questions? Check out the Skoon website for all frequently asked questions.

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Buy It:

Click on the image above to purchase your our Skoon Cup in one of 5 bright colors or "clear" silicone.

Skoon Cups are regularly $39.99 each, but are $3.00 off for a limited time. However, if you click on the banner above or use referral code A8ZKXB, you can get an additional 10% off!

If menstrual cups are not your thing, you can also purchase the Skoon Cloth Pads made from organic cotton.

Have you used a menstrual cup before? Would you recommend them to friends and family?

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  1. Sounds like a great alternative! I really like the idea of cups, but am concerned about comfort. This sounds like a possibility--I really like that it's softer than some of the other brands.

  2. Wow, I'd never heard of menstrual cups before. Luckily my cycles have never given me too much trouble as they're usually pretty light. But this sounds like an interesting alternative.

  3. Woooooow this is interesting. Worth a try, at least!

  4. I recently bought a Diva Cup. I had won some Soft Cups, and I ended up liking menstrual cups. Definitely easier than other products.

  5. I've tried the Diva Cup and didn't love it, so I definitely want to try this one once everything comes back after baby :) I'll be bookmarking this review ;)

  6. Ooh, I haven't seen this brand yet! I have a Diva Cup and a Luna Cup and love both. Might have to check this one out, too!

  7. I have yet to make it to the world of menstrual cups but after the baby is born I am hoping to give them a try!

  8. I also have the Diva Cup, but the Skoon cup is definitely softer and more comfortable...

  9. I haven't used one before but I have one being shipped to me :) I can't wait to try it out. Also switching out pads too though to mama cloths ^_^ squee!!! lol

  10. I have not used a cup before but I plan to try one when I get my period back (breastfeeding right now and it has not returned yet). I want to go more natural, whether that be a cup or reusable cloth pads.


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