Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sprout Cups Make Baby Food Storage Easy & Stress-free! {Review}

As a mom that has made her baby's food from scratch (and in large batches), I could tell you that storing it is not a simple feat. While I feel blessed that my fridge and freezer are quite often full, there is the problem of finding room to store dozens of small containers without having to deal with them falling or spilling when a much larger item is moved.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to try out a product that has eliminated the "crying over spilled food" problem - the Sprout Cups Baby Food Storage System!

What I Love About The Sprout Cups

Gone are the days of falling baby food containers upon opening the fridge and rummaging junk drawers to find labeling ape...because the reusable Sprout Cups storage system comes with an interlocking tray and a dry-erase marker to mark the contents and date!

The Sprout Cups are perfect for busy moms and dads that make their own baby food and freeze them for easy meal prep later on. Measurement markings clearly show portions and the dry erase window allows one to note the contents and date. The Sprout Cups also feature screw on lids to prevent messes from leaking food. If those features were not enough, the containers can snap into the convenient storage tray or onto the lids of the other food containers! Now you have the ability to actually stack your pre made baby food without fear of falling and maximizing your fridge or freezer storage space.

The Sprout Cups Baby Food Storage Systems are also made from plastic that is :

* Dishwasher safe
* Freezer safe
* Microwave safe
* 100% PVC & BPA Free

Sprout Cups Are Mutli-Functional!

In addition to storing and freezing your child's homemade baby food, the Sprout Cups are perfect for breast milk storage. The 4 oz size containers are also the perfect size for toddler sized snacks while on-the-go and fit perfectly into their little hands. My youngest child also enjoyed using them as stacking toys, providing him a little entertainment while waiting at for meals at restaurants while enriching his eye-hand coordination!

These 4 oz baby food storage containers also come in handy with craft organization for storing items such as small beads and jewelry supplies. Much of my craft closet space is wasted by storing smaller items in containers that are too large.

Bottom Line

I absolutely love the Sprout Cup storage system and would highly recommend them to anyone. I wish that I would have had a few sets while I was still storing breast milk for my boys, because I would have really benefited from the interlocking features. They were quite a few times when the frozen plastic cups (which I had shoved in every small nook and cranny) had fallen out of the freezer, which would cause the container to crack or shatter when it hit the floor. The result - not only was the container unusable for future use, but the food itself was inedible.

One complaint made by others who reviewed the product on Amazon was that the dry erase marker did not come off easily and the writing area would come off. I solved this problem by gently wiping a wet cloth over the writing before heating or placing in the dishwasher. The markings from the previous use could be faintly visible, but did not interfere with whatever was written over it. After a couple of weeks of use, the white area has yet to "scratch off".

You can purchase the 12 count (2 oz) or the 6 count (4 oz) Sprout Cups set at Amazon for $14.95, which is also eligible for FREE shipping and returns!

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Have you tried the Sprout Cups? What is your favorite feature?

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  1. Ooh, these would actually be really handy for taking food/snacks to work, too!

  2. This looks super helpful! I really like the interlocking feature, as I often have to get creative in fitting everything into the freezer.

  3. I like how it all snaps together. I have some containers but the lids never stay on.


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