Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pave The Path With Monkeys - The Children of The Appalachia Need Your Help!

The Monkey Do Project Needs 2,000 People Giving Just $26 Each to Help Appalachian School Kids in Need

Will you help them pave the path with monkeys to meet the finish line by July 1, 2013? The Monkey Do Project has promised 2,000 needy kids backpacks with a book, healthy snacks, school supplies and more and they can’t do it without you! For every $26 they get for this project, they will add a monkey to the path to help them get to the finish line! Check back here and they will update the path regularly as people donate. Read more about how your $26 will help for this project…

Put Your Monkey on the Path Now!

Donate $26 to put a monkey on the path and help a school kid in need! Every $1 counts, so if you cannot afford $26, give what you can...if you can do more then go ahead!

Please put “Pave the Path” in the comments so they know where to allocate the funds.

* If you are a interested in becoming a corporate sponsor to donate back packs, or items to fill them, please fill out this form here.

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