Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Life Before My Spouse

This month, the Green Moms Network has put out a challenge that features a different writing prompt each day. Not only am I trying to get into the habit of posting non-giveaway or cloth diaper sales posts every day, but I would love for my readers to get to know me on a more personal level.

April Blog Writing Challenge

If you have a blog and want to join in the challenge, you can find the writing prompts in this post. Anyone is welcome to join in, and there are prizes up for grabs for group members! Interested in joining the Green Moms Network? Click here.

I guess that I should have read ahead yesterday, because I basically gave a run down of what my life was like before I had my kids AND met my husband.


Yep, that's me...always craving to be the center of attention. Any of my family members would tell you that I'd do almost anything for attention. I also had the Titanic movie practically memorized, in fact this picture was taken at the movie exhibition in San Diego. Later that night, she had video taped me, my sister, and my cousins singing "My Heart Will Go On". They had chickened out within seconds of video taped...so I felt honored to steal the show ;-)

To everyone else, I was an introvert, and spent most of my time immersed in various art projects. I even took on extra credit assignments as an excuse not to socialize with friends. One of my proudest moments was when my favorite art instructor had secretly entered my Prismacolor drawing of a mountain lion into a statewide Earth Day contest. I received only an honorable mention, but had my work displayed in the state capitol building and in a local art supply store for a month.

My Family...

Prior to my husband, my family was my source of love, comfort, and basically...my entire world. We were all very close and supportive of one another. I could only remember one real arguement that my sister and I got in, but I can't recall how it started...but it ended with her throwing a bar stool at me and I pushed her up against the stove. Whatever lead to this, must not have been all that bad, because we ended up laughing about it seconds later.

My family is the definition of unconditional love. Not a day went by that neither one of us failed to say "I love you" to one another, so I guess that you could say that my original expectations of a marriage would be was set pretty high.

I won't lie, every day of married life is not pure bliss, but thankfully, my parents have been a wonderful example of what married life should be. They worked out every problem in front of us kids...because they wanted us to know that their marriage was something worth fighting for and that their lives are much better because of each other, something I strive to practice each moment of every day. I love my husband, and will spend every moment keeping that promise...and hopefully he will never tire of my attention hungry self.

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