Monday, April 1, 2013

My Life Before Kids

This month, the Green Moms Network has put out a challenge that features a different writing prompt each day. Not only am I trying to get into the habit of posting non-giveaway or cloth diaper sales posts every day, but I would love for my readers to get to know me on a more personal level.

If you have a blog and want to join in the challenge, you can find the writing prompts in this post. Anyone is welcome to join in, and there are prizes up for grabs for group members! Interested in joining the Green Moms Network? Click here.

April Blog Writing Challenge

My life before kids...even though my oldest will be five years old about 9 months from now, that piece of time seemed like decades ago.

How do I begin?

To make a long story short, I was born an raised in southern California. My heart was definitely one with the ocean, and nothing could make me happier than spending an entire day at the beach and ending it with a big juicy In-N-Out burger...animal style!

I adored being the center of attention, in fact, my secret dream was to be a performer...more specifically, a vocalist. I can remember spending most of my time dressing up with my sister (who is 23 months younger than me) and putting on concerts. In my room, I would record my favorite dance music videos from MTV and practice until I could master every move...I wanted to be the next Selena. Funny thing was...I continued to do this throughout high school, and I ad the most terrible case of stage fright. Needless to say, this dream never panned out.

When I was ten years old, my father was laid off from his job of 16+ years, and we moved away to Idaho. My heart was seriously broken, since I was leaving everything that I had grown to know and love. My aunt was basically like a second mother to me and I couldn't bear the thought of seeing her only once or twice per year, when I was used to visiting her almost every weekend.

I was a very quiet and socially awkward girl to begin with, so this move only seemed to set me back even further. From then on, I only had a few friends, until that dwindled down to zero...yep, I really did not socialize with anyone my senior year. During all of this time, I drowned myself in another When others were spending their lunch hours and free time with friends, I covered canvases with paint and filled sketch books with lead and charcoal. One summer, I created a portfolio of dress sketches that I wanted to submit to a number of art schools, but never did. After talking to some scouts, I realized that I could not "fit in" with that group of people, so I turned to another hobby...creating another portfolio, one with criminals.

I hope that I do not scare anyone off, but one of my earliest memories with my aunt was driving to the beach while we listened to the non-stop news coverage of the Waco standoff in 1993. We drove up and down the shoreline looking for a place to swim, but many of the beaches were closed due to shark sightings. I became curious about people like David Koresh and what made their minds work the way that they did and would spend hours creating my own criminal profiles and looking for patterns in behavior. The result - a notebook filled with about 100 pages on the history and analyzing some of the worlds most bizarre and unfortunate cases of murder. Shortly after graduating high school, I decided to earn my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. I know had dreams of being a criminal profiler for the FBI - I would have considered myself crazy if I could travel back in time and tell myself that this dream would be replaced by a passion for educating others on using cloth diapers and toxin-free products.

During the first year of college, I met my future husband, an English major, and fell instantly in love. We were only dating for a couple of years before his job had moved him to Texas. Of course, I wanted to follow. I transferred schools, which pushed my intended graduation date another couple of semesters.

We were married 6 months later and were expecting our first child six months after that, and at that time he had been laid off. For a year, we kept afloat on his part time serving and pizza delivery jobs. I continued school via the internet. When our youngest child was six months old, I became pregnant with our second child. Luckily, my husband received a job offer a few months later, and we found ourselves in our current home of Kentucky.

To this day, I am still 4 credits shy of graduating (level 4 Spanish), something that I hope to accomplish soon, but find every reason to put it off. I would love nothing more than to proclaim that I earned that piece of paper that took years of blood, sweat, and tears to achieve...but for now, I am just basking in the joys of marriage and mommyhood.


  1. This is a great challenge! I love hearing personal stories. Just signed up for the Green Moms Network through you :)

  2. Isn't it funny how a fraction of your life seems like forever ago? I felt the same way when writing about life before I met my husband!


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