Monday, April 15, 2013

My Favorite Childhood Memory

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Today's topic is about our "favorite childhood memory".

It's difficult to pin just one favorite childhood memory as my favorite, because I have so many favorites, especially when I lived in California.

When I think of California, I can't help but think of my first crush, Ryan. Ryan and I were in almost every class together from first until fourth grade. My best friend, Meghan, also had a mad crush on him. She was fairly outgoing and made her affections towards him quite clear. I could tell that he was always annoyed by her, so I never gave him and hints that I was even slightly interested.

I invited Ryan (and Meghan of course) to the last birthday party that I would have in California, since my family and I were going to move to Idaho a few months down the road. Meghan suggested that I ask him for a birthday kiss.

"What? No way...I couldn't" I turned to look toward Ryan across the room. He turned toward my direction and I gave him a "deer in headlights" stare, and quickly turned away.

"You know that you want too." Meghan said, followed by her Fran Drescher-like giggle.

"If you want to me to so bad, why don't you do it yourself?" I replied.

Meghan didn't think twice.

She got up, pinned him on the couch and gave him a long, wet kiss on the lips. Ryan, who turned as red as a tomato, pushed her off the couch, bolted through the front door, and ran down the street.

My mom called Ryan's mom and my dad chased him around the neighborhood. When he caught up to him, he picked him up and sat with him on the front lawn until his mom picked him up.

Needless to say, Ryan didn't talk to us that much after that. School ended, and then came time to start packing up to move away.

Over the next few years, my mom and I kept in contact with Ryan's mom. One summer, after I turned 16, I visited one of my aunts who still lived in California. Ryan and I went out on a date to a small family owned burrito place. Of course, I had to bring up the birthday party. He just laughed it off and began to tell my about all of the crazy girls that he had dated, what happened to all of other friends over the past few years, etc. It made me sad to not be a part of that, but I guess that is just a part of life. I still find it hard to grasp the idea that we are both "grown-up" and have children, the past really doesn't seem like it was that far away.

On the other hand, I can't wait to watch my kids grow up and experience some of the same things that I had enjoyed and cherish so much.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

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  1. I really like this memory. Around that same age I started crushing on boys but was also too shy to make any moves. One of my favorite memories was getting chosen to dress up as an Indian in a cooking pot during a high school pep rally.


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