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My Cloth Diaper Stash - April Cloth Diaper Blog Hop

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This month, I am participating in the Cloth Blog Hop, hosted by Change, this month's topic is "My Stash"

Over the past four years, my children's cloth diaper stash has changed quite a bit. In the beginning, My husband and I chose the cheapest method possible (besides making our own, but I lacked the skill...) using cotton pre-folds and covers. The first diaper stash from included the following :

- 24 infant size pre-fold seconds $27.98
- 6 Gerber vinyl pants $11.97
- 2 packages of pins $2.00

Under $42 for a beginner stash of diapers that cost less than a case of 230+ disposable diapers of a leading brand (let's call them brand "P") that will only last for 19-20 days!

Of course, with child number 2, I was on a quest to try every diaper that I could get my hands on, but I can honestly say that I had spent less than $500.00 to cloth diaper two children for a period of four (and counting!) years TOTAL after buying, trading, and selling my ever-changing stash.

Over time, I felt the "need" to acquire various styles and brands of cloth diapers, mostly out of curiosity. When I got bored with a diaper or found that it did meet my expectations, or simply did not fit anymore, I sold or traded it for another.

Listed below are the current diapers in my "Leettle"'s stash :


4 SoftBum Omni's w/ 2 bamboo pods & 2 stay-dry pods
3 Baby Babu
1 Heavenly Little Angel WAHM diaper
1 Glow Bug
1 Funky Fluff


2 gPants
2 Flip covers


3 Bee Changed Diapers from Little Bee Company
2 Cutiepoops WAHM Diapers
2 Green Genes WAHM Diapers
2 Just Simply Baby bamboo
1 Just Simply Baby (suede cloth inner)
4 "Unbranded" Alva-style diapers

Diaper Covers

4 Thirsties Duo Wraps
1 Imagine diaper cover w/ 3 snap in inserts (my new favorite "on-the-go" diaper!)
1 Swaddlebees Capri
1 Econobum

9 cotton prefolds
6 Thirsties hemp inserts
6 GenerationMe Curious George doublers

My Must Have Accessories

2 Snappis

Wet Bags (1 large Planetwise wet bag, 2 medium waterproof gortex GenerationMe wet bags, 1 small waterproof gortex GenerationMe wet bag, 1 small WAHM PUL wet bag)

Cloth Wipes (I have about 36 flannel from various WAHM's & 2 from Bummis)

I would have to say that I am pretty satisfied my the current stash, and there have only been a few brands that I had been horribly displeased with.

Of all of the diapers listed above, I would have to say that the Thirsties Duo Wraps and SoftBums are my favorites. Believe it or not, my set of Thirsties covers are now on their 4th year of use - best cloth investment ever made! My children have yet to experience a blow-out with those covers, and when paired with a prefold, they are the perfect nighttime solution. You can read my about my cloth diaper favorites here

What is in YOUR stash? What diapers would you love to have? Questions, comments? Feel free to post below!

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  1. What a sweet drying rack! I've tried to steer away from cloth diaper curiosity--there are SO many cute options and awesome brands, I don't think I'd be able to stop :)


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