Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Days of Etsy Giveaway Event - Giveaway #8 Love for Earth (Open to US, Ends 5/6)

During the month of April, the Blending Familys Blog, Leettle Baby, and a group of fabulous bloggers are bringing you a huge giveaway event which lasts the entire month! We will be showing off our favorite items and stores that we have found, and in return, we hope you like them too!

Feel Free to enter in to win any/all of the Etsy shop giveaways that have been posted, which can be found on the linky at the bottom of this post.

Our 8th Giveaway Is Here as part of the April Days Of Etsy Giveaway Event.
This post has been completed by the Blending Familys Blog and we are excited to introduce you to Love for Earth!

When I first became pregnant with my daughter was when I really started to notice the importance of going green. I started to do my research and noticed there were many things in my life I needed to change. My parents had always done things the old fashioned way and It took me a long time to appreciate the lessons they taught me.

I took up cloth diapering, recycled, and did many more things to save me money and cause less waste. I noticed people bringing in reusable shopping bags as I had been doing my grocery shopping but did not want to make any changes.

It wasn't until I saw a documentary on plastic waste that I started to bring in my own bags. What's even better from my experience is reusable produce bags! They are breathable and since switching my veggies and fruit last longer and taste better. They are not stuck with all that extra moisture.

What I love about the love for earth is they have a huge selection of items to choose from. The reusable produce bags are perfect for me in the fact they come in a variety of sizes and colors.

I also love the large reusable zip it bags!

You can also enter to win a set of 7 produce bags in your choice of colors!
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  1. Jungle Jam Safari Lunch zipper bag set 1 Sandwich 1 snack

  2. Large Reusable bag Insulated freezer or travel bag XL Gallon sz

  3. I like the reusable sandwich/snack bags.

  4. I like the You PICK any color mix 12 Giant Produce bag set. Our garden produces well every year and we need a good way to store the produce so it doesn't spoil.

  5. I like the Produce bags Reusable colorful Tropical Sunset FULL set

  6. I like the 12 Giant set Eco rainbows and raspberries reusable produce bag set

  7. I like the Sweet Tweets sandwich bag!


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