Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Live Clean Baby Diaper Ointment Review + Coupon!

Since the birth of my first child, I have focused on keeping my children and family away from as many toxins and chemicals as possible, which was the determining factor in deciding to cloth diaper. Finding the perfect cloth diaper cream that lived up to those same standards are usually not available locally and at times, I have had to pay almost as much shipping as the cost of the product itself!

Recently, I was contacted by a company that had a product line that met my requirements...and that was available in my home town, and in some locations - 24 hours! Live Clean is a Canadian based company that had recently expanded its sales into the US.

Live Clean's Mission
Our mission is to provide a line of products that contribute to a greener planet and perform at the highest level. Live Clean is a unique eco-friendly beauty care line that delivers exceptional results using natural, plant based ingredients. Live Clean formulations are made with a minimum of 96% replenishable, renewable and sustainable plant good for the earth as they are for your body. Go Green without compromising performance.

live simple. live beautiful. live clean.

What I Love About This Product

It ACTUALLY Is 100% Natural!

Most importantly, Live Clean Baby Diaper Ointment is hypoallergenic and made up of 100% renewable & sustainable natural ingredients, 80% of which are plant based. This ointment is also quite soothing to baby's sensitive skin while providing a protective moisture barrier. In fact, my youngest child didn't even flinch or cry when I had applied it to his rash during the first application. Due to some detergent buildup (we struggle with extremely hard water where we live) on his cloth diapers, my little guy had a severe rash break out with large open sores.

Unlike many other diaper ointments, Live Clean Baby DOES NOT INCLUDE :

* SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
* DEA (Diethanolimine)
* Phthalates
* Phosphates
* Petroleum
* Parabens, or other harsh preservatives and chemicals

The ingredients in the diaper ointment is simple and is made with certified organic botanicals : Castor seed oil, zinc oxide, beeswax, jojoba seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), lavender oil & extract, and matricaria flower extract. That's it!


FINALLY! A cloth diaper safe ointment* that is avaliable locally! Live Clean Baby Diaper Ointment can be purchased at your neighborhood Walgreens, and depending on where you live, you may be able to find it at another pharmacy or grocery store. As much as I loved the other cloth-safe natural creams and ointments that I had previously used for my children, I did not like paying the shipping costs or having to wait a few days for those products by mail. Now, I can provide my little one with some rash relief within minutes. Luckily, there are a couple local Walgreen stores that are open 24 hours too!

* This product does contain zinc oxide, which has been claimed by some cloth diaper and diaper cream manufacturers as a repellent to cloth and recommend using some type of barrier (such as disposable liners, or in my case, I use cloth wipes) between the cloth and the area of your baby's bottom that is covered in ANY type of ointment, even if it is labeled as "cloth diaper safe". In my experience I have never had any repelling issues with the Live Clean Baby ointment.


The retail value of Live Clean Baby Diaper Ointment is $7.99, which is about the same price as the non-natural, chemical filled ointments, but it is currently on sale for $4.99 at my local Walgreens. A small drop of this cream also goes a long way! The amount that I used in the picture was enough to cover and soothe his rash, which covered about half of his bottom.

Bottom Line

I would most definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe diaper cream or ointment. Not only is it affordable, but I am thrilled that I no longer have to settle for a cream that I regret putting on my children that contains toxins that I strive daily to avoid.

Disclaimer - Although I was sent the item above for review purposes, I was not paid or enticed to write an awesome review for this product! All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

Be sure to check out the full line of Live Clean products on their website. You can also follow Live Clean on Facebook to recieve eco-friendly & health tips, coupons, and more!

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Have you tried the Live Clean Baby Diaper Ointment? What do you use for your little ones diaper rash?


  1. Hello! Found you on Mom's monday mingle and I'm a new follower. Looking forward to read more. Have a great day!


  2. I've seen this at Walgreens and wondered if it was any good. Luckily we haven't had to use diaper rash cream, but if we ever do, I'll check this brand out.

  3. We love Live Clean products in our house! We've used them for a while!! :)

  4. I LOVE Live Clean products. It's all that I use on my babies. (And yay for finally having something awesome in Canada before it shows up in the States!)

  5. Seems like everything these days contains SLS. This cream sounds great and I like that it's white so you can see how much you've applied.

  6. Nothing at the moment. My little one isn't here yet.

  7. i have never heard of them.. but would love to try it out!!! I currently use balm baby, CJ's nice post really does sound like a great product

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