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Why I Chose To Cloth Diaper My Children - Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013

Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013
This post is part of the weekly Cloth Diaper 101 Blog Hop hosted by My Cloth Diaper Stash. This weeks topic is about "How and Why I started Cloth Diapering".

The year 2008 brought many surprises for my (then) fiancé and I. He proposed to me on December 26th, 2007 and I had decided to move to Texas with him the following New Years Eve from Idaho. We were married in July, purchased our first home in August, and were expecting our first child that December.

It wasn't until a couple of months before our first son arrived (which was actually in November...sooner than expected!), that we considered cloth diapering. In fact my husband started the conversation! He had a steady job with wonderful pay and convinced me that we could definitely afford to allow me to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). I was thrilled! Of course, all of the happenings that year had caused us to have a much smaller savings account, and now that we had a house of our own (buh-bye to the free 24 hour maintenance from our last apartment home), we needed to learn to be more frugal.

It did not take much for me to be convinced, after all, I grew up changing my brother's cloth diapers and helping my mom change cloth diapers of the children that she had in her home I was comfortable with it. Who would have known that I would have morphed into a fluff addict & cloth advocate?


My husband and I chose the cheapest method possible (besides making our own, but I lacked the skill...) using cotton pre-folds and covers. The first diaper stash from included the following :

- 24 infant size pre-fold seconds $27.98
- 6 Gerber vinyl pants $11.97
- 2 packages of pins $2.00

Under $42 for a beginner stash of diapers that cost less than a case of 234 disposable diapers of a leading brand (let's call them brand "P") that will only last for 19-20 days! Of course, with child number 2, I was on a quest to try every diaper that I could get my hands on, but I can honestly say that I had spent less than $500.00 to cloth diaper two children for a period of four (and counting!) years - TOTAL!

But cost was not the only benefit...what we found out while shopping for the best deals for our son's diapers, further convinced us why we wanted to be cloth diapering parents!


When asked why I am so passionate about cloth diapering, my first answer always relates to the chemicals that disposables expose babies to. Last year I had published a short post about the chemicals and health risks associated with disposable diapers, all of which are attributed to eye irritation, respiratory problems, headache, damage to the central nervous system, immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, kidney, liver, and can also be linked to cancer.

One of those toxic chemicals found in disposable diapers, Tributyl-tin (TBT), has been found to increase the growth of fat cells, which can increase the risk of obesisty. TBT also increases scrotal temperature in boys, which causes the physiological testicular cooling mechanism to not function properly. Not to sound selfish, but I hope to have grandchildren someday, and there is no way that I want my boys exposed to this chemical and risk future sterilization!


According to the Real Diaper Association, disposable diapers are the 3rd largest consumer item taking up space in landfills and are estimated decompose in 500 years! So yes, the first disposable diaper is more than likely still sitting in a garbage heap. Of course, when I discuss the harm "sposies" (aka disposable diapers)cause to our earth, I am instantly attacked with the misconception that cloth does more harm to our precious water supply. In reality, sposies generate almost 2 1/2 times more water waste than cloth during manufacture as well as create waste of 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum, and 20 pounds of chlorine for ONE BABY EACH YEAR.

When I do use "sposies" I look for a biodegradeable option that are chemical-free, which can be found here :

* The Honest Company
* Baby Babu

Sure, they may be more expensive than the name brand, non-ecofriendly chemical filled diapers, but it may prevent the costs from health problems in the future.

If you are considering cloth diapers for your little one(s), here are some websites that you will find helpful :

The Real Diaper Association
Learn the facts, volunteer, and become and advocate for cloth! Be sure to check out the "Cloth Diaper Resource Center" for links to cloth diapering articles and resources for cloth diapering in daycare (be sure to check out their cloth diaper friendly daycare list!)

Padded Tush Stats
I hail Tara the "Queen" of cloth diapers! Her website is chalked FULL of informative videos, surveys, reviews, giveaways,...and pretty much EVERYTHING that you need to know about cloth diapers. She even has a cloth diaper directory of over 270 cloth diaper retailers with a search feature to look for stores that offer your favorite cloth diapers and accessories or for monthly sales, discounts, and FREE shipping!

If you missed my Real Diaper Week blog hop posts last year, or would like to revisit them, click on the "Great Cloth Diaper Change" tag below. A number of other cloth loving bloggers posted useful information and tips as look for the linkies at the bottom of each post!

Have you considered cloth diapers for your children or have recommended them to a friend or family member? Share your experience below...I would love to hear it!


  1. Wow, $42 for a starter stash is pretty sweet. Like you, I started lean but now I like to splurge every once in a while!

  2. Great post - I think money savings makes a lot of people turn to cloth. Our stories are very similar!

  3. I love cloth diapering. I did it with my first. But now we're living in an apartment w/o a washing machine, so cloth won't work anymore.

  4. I too live in a complex without hookups. It's so sad to know that baby number two won't have as adorable of a bum as my daughter did.


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