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My Favorite Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013
This post is part of the weekly Cloth Diaper 101 Blog Hop hosted by My Cloth Diaper Stash. This weeks topic is about our favorite cloth diapers!

Honestly, quite a bit had changed from when I first decided to cloth diaper my children. I started with the most economical way, which included thick cotton prefolds, pins, and vinyl pants (which I hand washed, because despite the care tags instructions, they fell apart after a couple months of washing in the machine).

When I found out I was pregnant with child number #2, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and try the more "modern" methods of cloth diapering.

Little did I know, this would actually be a painful process for me, because it came with A LOT of trial and error from no less than a dozen styles and brands. My recent cloth diaper stash, which can be viewed HERE, is basically what I have narrowed down to over a few years of diapering.


Thirsties Duo Wrap

Paired with an Indian cotton prefold, this cover is basically bullet-proof and has been my overnight diapering solution for my boys for over 3 years. Thirsties also makes a hemp pre-fold for heavy wetters, but I chose the cotton prefolds because they are quite cheap, between $1 to $3 depending on size and quantity ordered.

These covers are built to last! I have been using the same covers that I bought over 3 years ago, and are still in excellent condition to pass down to another child.

The double gussets have prevented many blowouts, and my boys have yet to wake up in wet or soiled pajamas and bed sheets because these covers hold everything in!

If you would like a closer look check out my Thirsties Duo Wrap review!


Cutie Poops One-Size

These WAHM diapers are not only adorable (there are many fabrics & combinations that you can choose from), but compared to other name brand pocket diapers, they are cheap! Starting at $13.95 for newborn and $17.95 for one-size (fits from about 9 - 30 lbs), these sturdy diapers are quite bargain.

In the past, I have many WAHM made diapers that did not fit my children right, and the material would "wick" immediately as my children would wet their diapers and their clothes would be wetter than their diaper inserts. Don't get me wrong, because I LOVE supporting WAHMS when I can and many of them can make some wonderful diapers.

What I love most about the Cutiepoops OS is the unique elastic sizing system (which can be explained in further detail HERE). These diapers have 4 rise adjustments that can be accessed inside the diaper, rather than adjustable snaps n the front, as a majority of the OS diapers do. The elastic is also quite thicker than most of my other diapers and have yet to become stretched out (which have been used almost every other day for a year now).


Funky Fluff & Glow Bug

Personally, I love these two diaper brands equally. Both diapers have given my boys a superior fit and have performed quite well, so it is very difficult to chose one over the other. The Funky Fluff and Glow Bug diapers feature double gussets, 4 rise snaps (when many diapers only have 3), and crossover snaps.

The Funky Fluff Fusion in bamboo (the style I currently own) comes with two snap in inserts, with the largest insert having snaps on BOTH ends to keep the insert in place during washing. I also enjoy the extra-wide waterproof barrier on the inside of the diaper to help prevent leakage in front (a bonus for those who have boys or have children who are "tummy sleepers").

The Glow Bug diapers feature the SlimDry™ fabric, which has the soft feel of jersey knit cotton. I hang dry my boys cloth diapers, and this is one of the few materials that gets stiff and "crunchy" after drying.

For a closer look at the Glow Bug diapers, read my review HERE.



I took a gamble when I first decided to purchase this diaper, because most of the reviews were horrible! Most complained about leak issues, but upon further investigation, I found that the reason for that problem was due to improper fitting. I was looking for an option that would be suitable for traveling this past summer. My two un-potty trained toddlers and I were going to spend about 10 hours in and out of airports and aboard a plane to visit my family across the country. I love to pack light, so the fact that the gDiapers had a bio-degradeable insert option appealed to me...less fluff in the diaper bag meant more entertainment for those rambunctious kids!

Surprisingly, neither of my boys had wet (or pooed) through their gDiapers! I was thrilled! Diaper changes were quick and easy and I love that the velcro wraps in back instead of the front so it is more difficult for my children to change their own diaper!


SoftBums Omni

I cannot praise this diaper enough, not only is it the simplest diaper to take care of (no un-stuffing wet and soiled diapers prior to washing!), but it is TRULY ONE-SIZE! The patented Slide-2-Size adjustment system achieves the perfect fit for any size baby, EVERY TIME! This diaper is my husband's (not to mention my son's babysitters and the volunteers in our church nursery!) favorite as well. The lack of snaps eliminates confusion, and the SoftBums aplix allows for a quick diaper quick as changing a disposable!

I am a big fan of the snap-in pod insert because after the laundry tabs are attached, the entire dirty diaper can be tossed into the pail until washing. This is a BIG PLUS in my book, because nothing bothers me more when it comes time to dump the dirty diapers in the washing machine and I find a pocket diaper that did not have it's inserts removed!

In the beginning, I was not a fan of velcro (aplix) closure. The three brands that I had previously owned with velcro, I gave away quickly because the velcro began to fray and fall off within months of use. This problem does not occur with the SoftBums diapers, as the velcro is wide and high quality. Even after a year of use, the laundry tabs still stay intact during washing.

Want a to know more about this diaper? Check out my review HERE

Do you cloth diaper? If so, what is your favorite cloth diaper & why?

Disclosure : Some of the links may include affiliate links and all purchases help fund future giveaways on my blog, as well as help fund cloth diaper donations for organizations that give cloth to those in need. All the opinions above are entirely my own and are not influenced in any way.

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