Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hey, Hey, It's Cyber Monkeeeey (Monday)! #monkeydo

While you have been snagging up the best deals and crossing everyone off of your Christmas list after celebrating a day of thanks, you may have forgotten a person or two...and I do not mean good ol' Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob.

There are men, women, children, and even babies that will be without gifts this year, as well as the basics like food or even soap. For me, many of these families live as close as an hour away.

If you have been following my blog during my Fall 2012 Cloth Diaper Drive, then you are familiar with the conditions that those living in the Appalachia mountain regions are dealing with.

In Kentucky alone, the poverty rate in the Appalachia area ranges between 100 - over 305% times the national average.

Luckily, there are a few who have a heart to improve the living conditions to the people that live in these distressed areas, and the Monkey Do Project is one of them. I encourage you to purchase from the Monkey Do Shop, where 100% of the profits made from each item is used to aid in their efforts in improving the lifestyle of those residing in the Appalachia!

Here are just a few of my favorite items available for purchase. All of these items will make the perfect Christmas gift and will serve as a year long reminder how important it is to care for those living in conditions that we do not want to imagine living in.

For your little monkeys...

I am definitely leaving a space for this item on our Christmas tree.

This shirt is seriously giving me "baby fever"!

Be sure to check out the Monkey Do Project's project page to find more ways that you can help these families, not just Christmas, but all year long, including Ella's Project which was thought up by the founder of the Monkey Do Project's 4-year old daughter! Can you believe that? 4 years old!

Do not forget about the fundraising auction on my Facebook page (ending on November 30th! So you better hurry!), where 100% those profits will be used to provide cloth diapers to low income families living in the Kentucky Appalachia area.


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