Monday, August 13, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday #MMM - Splish, Splash!

Manic Mommy Monday!

Even though The Gnome's Mom decided to pass on the Manic Mommy Monday blog hop to another host, I have decided to give family update even if no one else will be participating. I really need to buckle down and get back into the habit of writing and I promised myself that I needed to have at least one day per week that I post something other than cloth diapers and giveaways.

Today the kiddos and I drove to Louisville to drop off Da Da at the airport for a three day business trip, back to where Lil' Man calls his other "home" in Boise. Normally I tell him where Da Da is traveling and show him on a map, but I couldn't this time, not when he was going to be were Pa Paw, Me Maw, Uncle "Tiger", Auntie Alicia, Kaia, and Howie lived. Lil' Man has been asking me everyday when we can go back to see them again, so I am sure that he would be very hurt if he knew that Da Da was going and we were not.

Anyway, since we were a couple hours from home, we decided that we would play in Louisville for a while. Lil' Man and Leettle were begging me to stop for some chicken and chocolate milk, so we did...(please excuse the super-high quality "pay-as-you-go" phone pictures)

"Hi I am King David...I eat stuff!" - exact quote...

Leettle being his normal silly self!

After lunch we headed downtown to the Louisville Waterfront Park. As you can see, the kiddos had a blast running through the water and dancing along to Mumford & Sons (I had no idea who this group was until now, I had to look them up). The park was packed and apparently this concert was sold out for quite some time.

Of course, the oh-so-forgetful-me failed to bring towels and extra clothes, but I was glad that I had a back pack full of clean cloth diapers. Who would have known that those microfiber inserts worked better than any towel would have?

I hope that at all you have had a nice start to your week so far! If you enjoy reading about me and my family, be sure to follow my Facebook page, Twitter, Networked Blogs, and GFC!

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