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Lil Monsties Whipped Baby Butter / Nudey Tudey Wipe Solution Review & Sponsor Spotlight Accessorize Your Stash Giveaway #clothaccessories

I came across Lil' Monsties while searching for a new diaper rash solution for my youngest son (aka "Leettle"). Both of my children have extremely sensitive skin, so as soon as their cloth diapers get a little detergent build up, rashes flare, and multiple midnight/early morning diaper changes commence.

The owner, Denise, started making her own baby products for her son and giving them out as baby shower gifts. Then in January of this year, the Lil' Monsties Etsy shop was created. It is Denise's mission to provide the same carefully handmade and all-natural products to others.

Also being a mother who avoids products that contain toxins, I was thrilled when Denise gratefully sent me the tea tree scented Whipped Baby Butter and Nudey Tudey Wipe Concentrate in "Lavender Love" to review on my blog.

Both products are made from 100% natural ingredients without any unnecessary chemical preservatives that are added in many commercial brand creams and ointments. I was also impressed that the baby butter and wipe concentrate came in glass jars instead of plastic, so there is no threat of BPA leaching into the products.

Whipped Baby Butter


* 100% African Shea butter
* Coconut oil
* Corn starch
* Pure essential oils

This product is also available in these wonderful scents: Lavender/Chamomile, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender/Vanilla, and Eucalyptus.

I choose the baby butter in Tea Tree. I am quite a fan of tea tree because of it's natural healing and antimicrobial properties.

With many of the over-the-counter drug store ointments (which I no longer use do to further research of the product ingredients), Leettle squirms and most of it ends up everywhere but his bottom. With the Lil' Monsties Whipped Baby Butter, he stayed perfectly still and it did not sting his open sores. There was no late night screaming for a diaper change either.

Leettle's rash after 2 days of using the Whipped Baby Butter

My oldest child only wears a diaper at night, but after a detergent build up incident, his skin became red and started peeling. After a couple applications of the baby butter, he no longer complained of "owies", the redness had faded, and his skin was no longer peeling.

You do not have to restrict the use of the baby butter to your little one's bottom, it also works wonders for stretch marks and dry skin. Like my children, I too suffer from extremely sensitive skin, so I put this baby butter to the test.

Shortly after I woke up, I applied the Lil' Monsties Whipped Baby Butter to my left hand and did not moisturize my right hand at all. After a day of washing dishes and washing my hands after diaper changes and helping my Lil' Man wash his hands after potty breaks, the skin on my right hand was cracked and the skin on my left was still smooth at 10:00 pm at night. I had only applied the baby butter to my hand once and it did not leave my hands horribly greasy like my hand creams and salves do.

Nudey Tudey Wipe Solution Concentrate

Each container of Nudey Tudey Wipe Solution Concentrate comes with about 8 tablespoons worth of liquid that needs to be added to water prior to use.


* Baby Oil
* Organic Lavender Oil
* Lavender Baby Wash

The Nudey Tudey Wipe Solution Concentrate is available in three scents: Aloe Soother, Lavender Love, and Bubbly Babe. You also have the option to purchase the Nudey Tudey Wipe Solution in the non-concentrate's shipped to you pre-mixed and ready to use!

You can use 1 to 2 tablespoons per pint (2 cups) of water. Each container of concentrate makes 8 to 16 cups worth of wipe solution. I chose to use 1 tablespoon with 2 cups of distilled water since my Leettle is extremely sensitive to disposable wipes (even those marked "sensitive" or "natural" tend to aggravate his bottom) and to the last cloth wipe solution that I had tried on him.

My first batch of wipe solution was enough to fill 2 large baby food jars (since I prefer to dip my cloth wipes)and a 4 oz. travel size spray bottle, which is perfect to keep in the diaper bag for on the go.

Not only did the Nudey Tudey wipe solution smell amazing, but my Leettle did not flinch when I wiped his extremely sore bottom as he would have if I used his disposable wipes or his cloth wipes that were dipped in the previous wipe solution that I had used.

Buy It : You can purchase the Lil' Monsties Whipped Baby Butter for $8.00 and the Nudey Tudey Wipe Concentrate for $15.00. Be sure to check out the rest of the store for other baby products.

Win It : How would you like to win the Whipped Baby Butter or Nudey Tudey Wipe Concentrate? Be sure to come back to my blog on Friday, August 24th to enter and then hop on over to the other 40 other blogs that are giving away cloth diapering accessories as well! The giveaway goes live at 12:01 am.

Want to gain some early bonus giveaway entries? Visit the Lil' Monsties store, add it to your Etsy "favorites" and comment below telling which Lil' Monsties product that you would love to have!

Be sure to connect with Lil' Monsties on Facebook and tell them "thank you" for the giveaway.

Disclaimer : I was given the products above in exchange for this post. Opinions stated in this post are entirely my own based on personal experience with the products, and I was not paid or coerced to write a positive review.


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