Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pregnancy Forum Baby Party #Giveaway #FREE Sign Ups - #Bloggers needed

Pregnancy Forum - Baby Party Giveaway Sign Up

Baby Party Giveaway Worth $500 - World-wide

Grand Prize - Baby Stroller
Second Prize - Bedding 10 piece Crib Set
Third Prize - Clear blue digital ovulation tests

Blogger Sign Up:
July 11 to August 11 - Receive 2 FREE Links of choice Facebook/Twitter or Pinterest, with announcement post or $2.00 without announcement.

Additional links are $1.00 each, which will be used to ship the prize to the winners.

Hosts slots also available
A link back to your blog/website on the Giveaway post + Unlimited free links on the Rafflecopter of your choice for $10. For only a link back of your blog on the giveaway post is $3

Paypal email: - this email is only for payments, do not send any help or questions to this email.

Giveaway Start date:
August 12 - September 10. HTML will be sent out on August 11.

Publish an announcement post for the giveaway signup in order to get your free link.
Once giveaway is live, you must promote 2x times a day.
You must have a blog/website where you can publish the giveaway text and rafflecopter code to participate.

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