Monday, July 30, 2012

JcBaby - Just For Baby Giveaway Review & Sponsor Spotlight

The next sponsor for the Just for Baby giveaway hop is JcBaby. Donna, the shop owner not only makes her own cloth diapers, but soakers, custom iron ons, and fabric labels. I found this wonderful Etsy shop while looking for another cloth diaper for my "Leettle" and I was so pleased when she had agreed to work with me.

I do not know how to begin to describe to you how impressed I was with the diaper that Donna had made for me (be sure to read on for the review below), and it was very affordable! In fact, Donna strives to keep her prices low in order to convince others to help protect our environment by greatly reducing the number of disposables that are being added to our landfills.

A picture of my little boy's Heavenly Little Angel AIO cloth diaper in size 4

Pro's of the Heavenly Little Angel AI2


Every feature of this diaper screams "quality!" and the sturdy construction of this diaper will allow many washes. The waterproof layer is not your average PUL either, it is extremely thick and has no indication that it will ever peel. The aplix (velcro) closure is sewn on very tightly with the stitching going around the edges (pardon my lack of knowledge of sewing terms), which is not very common with my Leettle's other diapers that have aplix closure. Normally I am not a fan of aplix, because it separates from the diaper within months of use, but I have a few aplix diapers in Leettle's stash because his dad and sitters prefer it. I would imagine that the aplix will not peel off from the Heavenly Little Angel diaper because of how the aplix is switched.


My favorite feature of this AI2 (All-in-2) diaper is that it has a sewn-in inner gusset that snuggly holds the diaper soaker. A common problem that I have with handmade diapers with cotton exterior, is that when either of my little boys wet their diapers, the diaper would "wick" without the inserts being fully wet. This was the only homemade diaper (out of a dozen) that did not leak and my Leettle did not wake up in a mess of wet clothes and sheets! I am sure that it was this inner gusset that prevented it...and yes, it does contain all of the mess in a "blowout" situation.


Heavenly Little Angel diaper shown with gDiaper bio-degradeable insert

This inner gusset is also large enough to hold almost any other insert in the cloth diaper market. Even the gDiaper and Grovia bio-degradeable inserts fit, which makes diaper changes a breeze when you are in situations where you cannot rinse off your cloth inserts.


The mega-soaker that comes with this diaper (Donna does give you the option of purchasing the diaper without it) is incredibly absorbent and nearly the width of my pointer finger. The soaker is made of 2 layers of Zorb, 1 layer of terry cloth, 1 layer of terry microfiber, 2 layers of 100% cotton batting, 2 layers of flannel. It does longer to dry after being washed, but it held up well overnight...with no leaks!


Since I only had to use the one mega soaker, this diaper was pretty trim. Normally my boys would sleep in a thick Indian cotton pre-fold and cover at night, which can be a little bulky.

The diaper fit pretty snug around the legs too, withou digging into his skin. The problem with some of Leettle's other diapers is that the leg areas are not snug enough for his active little body, so the "mess" can leach out of his diaper, but the inner gusset of the Heavenly Little Angel paired with a tighter leg opening does not allow that to happen.

So was there anything that I did not like about this diaper? Not much! As I previously mentioned, my only complaint was the length of time that it took for the soakers to dry. Most of my Leettle's stash consist of pockets with microfiber (and some hemp and bamboo)inserts, which dry much quicker. However, the absorbency of the soaker was indeed a plus, because it did not allow the diaper to leak.

How would you like to win a Heavenly Little Angel diaper or any of the other JcBaby products? Well here is your chance! Donna has given me a $25.00 gift certificate to her store for the Just for Baby prize package that will be given away on August 10th!

Win it: One Leettle Baby reader will win a $25.00 gift certificate to JcBaby.

Buy it: Interested in trying out a diaper like the one pictured above, or any of Donna's other quality made products? Shop here.

For some BONUS ENTRIES in the Just For Baby Giveaway Hop.. please comment below with another JcBaby product you'd love to own or one of the diaper features that you like. You must comment on this post and then claim your entries on the Just For Baby Giveaway Hop main post rafflecopter which will be available on July 30th.

Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for or under any obligation to post this review and I was only provided with the gift certificate to giveaway to one of my blog readers.


  1. The quality looks great and the fact that they have super soaker liners is a bonus.

  2. I love that the inner gusset is big--it can hold almost any other insert...

  3. I use fuzzibunz exclusively but have been thinking about branching out and finding a different type of diaper, especially for night time. With Daniel getting older and drinking more, the amount of pee the diaper needs to hold is growing. That print on the JcBaby diaper is adorable! And that super soaker liner is really appealing, something to think about!

  4. I love the super soaker liner. I definitely need something more reliable for nighttime and this definitely would be great for my heavy wetter

  5. I love diapers with gussets and the soakers sound perfect for nighttime

  6. I like the Heavenly Little Angel AIO cloth diaper nappy--Size 2 or Size 3

  7. LOVE the Cars print and zebra prints.

  8. I like that she makes an AIO diaper in a pre-preemie size

  9. I like the Angelbottoms Plus AIO in the white w/ dinosaurs!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  10. omg these are awesome, they are very similar to the disposable diapers in the way they are made...definitely not your average white clothe and pins clothe diapers! i love these!!

  11. I like the heavenly little angles aio diaper covers, such wonderful fabrics to choose from diapers have sure come a long way from plain old white. nice that you have your choice of snaps or velcro too.

  12. Would love to try the Heavenly Angelbottoms fitted cloth diapers--Newborn or Size 1


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