Monday, May 14, 2012

Ultimate Fluff Stash Giveaway Sign Ups!

Blogger sign ups are still open for a couple more days!

It’s time for another huge cloth diaper giveaway! Join us for this exciting fluffy event from May 25 – June 1st, 2012. We are giving away an Ultimate Fluff Stash of Bubbz Diapers valued at over $600 to one very lucky winner!

This event is hosted by Daily Mothering and generously sponsored by Kebbie’s Diaper Bag. Daily Mothering hosted a similar cloth diaper giveaway event in March, and most participating bloggers gained 700+ new Facebook followers in the course of a week! (Believe me, I should know, because I was one of them!). We are hoping for a similar or even better turnout for this event.

The prize pack will include 30 Bubbz One-Size Anti-Leak Pocket Cloth Diapers along with a Bubbz Wet Bag and Pail Liner for a complete cloth diapering stash! The total value of this package is $633.40!

Who wouldn’t want to win 30 of those?!

Cloth diaper giveaways are known for being some of the very biggest, most popular blog giveaways. If you are a blogger with an audience of moms with young children, you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity! Give your readers a chance to win some adorable fluff and gain a ton of new followers while you are at it!

Sign Up!

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