Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pay It Forward...In Fluff!

For the rest of May, for every diaper that you buy from The Little Bee Co., they will send you another diaper! No size order is too small, and this offer is extended to the diaper packages!

Bee Changed diapers shown in Mexican Sol and African Rain

What is the catch? Pass the diaper on to someone who needs it (and kindly share where it was donated on the Little Bee Facebook page)!

If you are not yet familiar with The Little Bee Co., then you do not know that for every diaper that is purchased, another diaper is sent to a specified diaper drop location. These locations are usually orphanages in third world countries whose children typically run around with rags, plastic bags (which poses a choking hazard), or simply nothing at all!

Did I mention that these diapers come in beautiful bright colors? Each diaper color is named to represent a different country with children in need.

My personal favorite is the Mexican Sol, which I bought in honor of my Mexican heritage. Every time I change my "Leettle"s diaper, it reminds me to pray for not only the impoverished children in Mexico every time that I change him, but for all of those around the world...and to be thankful that he is not not one of them!

Diapers are $14.95 for the bamboo newborn size, $19.95 for the microsuede, and $21.95 for bamboo, which can be purchased here. You can also save by buying the Bee Changed diapers in packages.

* Be sure to check out the Tukula bag while you are there! These beautiful bags are handmade by women in Uganda who get paid above average wage to help keep their families out of poverty. I have one and love it! *

So yes, as much as you want to fight the urge to keep these bright and adorable little diapers yourself, find someone who could really benefit from it.

Do not know who to give it too?

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope

Cotton Babies Love

Cloth Cooperative

I will also be collecting diapers for a cloth diaper program that is currently in the works (thanks to the Tomahawk Sustainment Mission, God's Appalachian Partnership, and The Monkey Do Project) to help diaper at least 100 sweet little babies in the Appalachian area, whose families are suffering from extreme poverty.
E-mail me at leettlehandsandfeet@gmail.com if you would like to include your diapers with the stash that I will be giving to the Diaper Program for the People of Appalachia in Kentucky.

If you know of any other great places to donate cloth diapers to, please leave links below!


  1. Wow this is an awesome deal, thanks for sharing!

    Bekah Kuczenski

  2. such a wonderful thing! i know this is Jine now, but that is really a great deal and a nice way to pass on kindness!

  3. What a great thing to do! I know many families that would benefit from saving money on diapers! <3


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