Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday - Happy Mother's Day...again???

Manic Mommy Monday!

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I hope all of the moms out there enjoyed their Mother's Day! I did, well at least for the most part...

The first two Sundays of the month, my husband and I teach a pre-school class at our church, so those mornings are naturally hectic. I wake myself up between 7-7:30 am to start breakfast early since the kiddos (mostly the oldest) cannot seem to finish their breakfasts in less than 1 hour, so that we are all out the door by 9:30 am.

This morning took a little longer since both children desperately needed a bath, so I quickly made eggs and toast for the kids and egg & cheese sandwiches for me and my husband who handed me a bag of goodies from him and the boys.

This gift was David's idea, but both he and Jon Jon picked them out...

When asked what you you want to give your mom for mother's day, David's response was "suckers!"

They also picked out some chocolate covered Jelly Bellies (a stash in which they quickly depleted in half) and 3 flower shaped balloons. My husband thoughtfully gave me a eucalyptus mint bath set complete with bubble bath, sugar scrub, bath scrub, and lotion, which I took FULL advantage of after the little ones went to bed...

At Sunday school, our children's pastor took pictures of all of the kids and made these for the moms/parents...

Then the children colored pictures and made book marks for their moms. The bookmarks featured a flower and the children made petals out of ink pad finger prints, needless to say, colored fingerprints were everywhere. I wondered if all of the other children ate their mom's candy for breakfast too...

We were pretty exhausted so we decided to have Ihop make us lunch, so of course the kids did not mind unless they got chocolate smiley-faced pancakes and waffles. The rest of the day was full of running errands and calling our mom's to wish them a Happy Mother's Day (mine lives in Idaho and the MIL lives in Texas).

The house was left a mess, chores were ignored, and Papa John's made us dinner. After a nice long, hot, and quiet bath, while my husband packed his bags for another work trip, I headed off to bed only to wake up early and extremely nauseous. I do not know if it was all of the unhealthy cuisine of that day, some hour long stomach bug (because now I feel fine), or maybe we will be celebrating next Mother's Day with three little munchkins next year...either way, all I could think was "please do not let me be sick to take care of the kids when dad is out of town!"

Luckily, I now I am just a bit tired, which has been quite frequent lately, and ready to tackle on the damage done to the house over the weekend...maybe.


  1. Following you from MMM! :) I know what you mean about kiddos not finishing their breakfast in less then an hour!!!!! Glad you had a pretty good Mother's Day! I ignored the 4 baskets of laundry and sink of dirty dishes! :)

    Toni The Chic Momma

  2. I love these ideas! :D

    I think that as a mom I now appreciate hand made creative trinkets...I thought as a child that it was fun and that my mom would LOVE IT. I cannot wait till my daughter can do crafts for mothers day.


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