Friday, April 20, 2012

Real Diaper Week - Day 5 / Cloth Diapering On The Go, It's Easier Than You May Think ;-)


I may consider myself a cloth diapering veteran of 3+ years, but it was not until recently that I started cloth diapering my children while traveling. Disposable diapers seemed much more convenient while on the road or for day long trips. When I did buy disposable diapers, I opted for the chemical-free kind, but since my family and I have been striving to become greener (using cloth un-paper towels, re-usable shopping bags, cloth produce bags, etc.), I decided that I needed to bite the bullet and diaper my children in cloth exclusively.

Our last day long outing was at the Cincinnati Zoo, and to be honest, changing my kids in cloth was actually far easier than the disposables! I was also spared the guilt of tossing yet another poo-filled diaper into the already overflowing garbage. That being said, have you ever glanced at a bag of diapers and seen the statement (find pic)

At first I felt a little grossed out by carrying around a bag with a poopy diaper in it, especially the thought of any smell coming out of it, or even worse....leakage!

Here is what is in the diaper bag on day long outings...

* Wet Bag - I prefer one that has a zipper closure to keep in smells (especially on a warm day!). The INCREDIBLY AWESOME wet bag that I have pictured is from GenerationMe. Not only does it have a super thick zipper, like one you would find on a winter coat, but it is made from Gortex instead of PUL. This bag is surprisingly sturdy and holds in smells like no other, even when putting wet gym clothes and socks to the test!

The bag pictured holds about 5 diapers, so with two children I usually take 2.

* Diapers - I usually always prepare myself for the worst and bring 2 more diapers than the normal amount of diaper changes. Usually, 1 change per hour is what my children need. So if we were gone for 8 hours I would bring no less than 6 diapers per child. Pocket diapers are my choice for travel, because they wear like a disposable, you can change the absorbancy level, and are very easy to change in tight places (ex. like in an airplane or on a changing station in a tiny bathroom stall). If you have a squirmy child, you could consider a diaper with a aplix (aka velcro) closure.

* Hemp - Not necessary, but if you are worried about your child's diaper leaking, try adding a hemp insert! Hemp is thin and VERY absorbent! Add one of these super-soaking inserts underneath what you would normally use.

* Cloth Wipes - Thick 2 ply flannel wipes are great because they can clean up the worst of messes in (usually) 2 or less wipes of the bottom. You can never pack too many cloth wipes, they clean up any other mess in a breeze!

* Wipe Travel Case - The one that I have, which is a standard size can hold up to 6 2-ply flannel wipes. I fold them in half and stack them (as pictured) then run them under water until they are completely soaked. Finally, I twist the stack to wring out the water before placing them flat inside the case.

The only part that I do not like about not being at home when changing a "#2" diaper is that I do not rinse it. You can do what Julie from My Cloth Diaper Stash does, but I prefer to knock out what I can in the toilet, fold in the cloth wipes, close up the diaper as if it was a disposable, and put it in the wet bag.

To those of you who travel with cloth, how do you do it? To those of you who don't, why not? Feel free to comment below!

P.S. - DON'T FORGET! TOMORROW, APRIL 21ST IS THE GREAT CLOTH DIAPER CHANGE! Join me and thousands of others around the globe to beat a World Guinness Record of most cloth diaper changes at once. Find your local event location and time here.


  1. We haven't 'travel travel'ed' while CDing because we only started a few months ago, but I wouldn't really have any problems with it. I've been out of the house for 9-10 hours and used prefolds or pockets the whole time.

    I think the only thing I really do different besides that, is I don't get my wipes wet. I out so infrequently that I don't want them molding. So I just have a little squirty bottle that I use with water in it.

    -Justice Montgomery

  2. With our oldest, we were nervous to travel. We finally did when he was 4 months old and I regret every putting him in sposies because it was so easy. Our youngest has never been in a sposie and we went out of town for 5 days! Once you try it you won't go back

  3. how long will you leave the cloth wipes in the wipes case? Do they leak or dry out? I've started trying cloth wipes at home, but haven't yet used them for out and about.

    1. I do not leave them in the case wet for more than a day.

      To wet them, I usually take a stack of 6 (because that is the most my case can hold) and hold them under running water until they are completely wet. Then I twist the ends to wring out the water a couple of times until they are slightly damp to the touch, like disposable wipes and place them in the case. You could also keep them in a small water proof wet bag as well. As long as they are in some type of enclosed container, they shouldn't dry out :-)

  4. When I started cloth diapering I thought that I wouldn't CD when I was out of the house. I thought it was going to be harder than using a disposable. It ended up not being, so now I use cloth when I am out of the house. I'm glad that you wrote this to show it's not hard to use cloth out of the house.

    1. Thanks! I am just surprised that it has taken me three years that traveling with cloth isn't that hard or gross as I once thought it was.

  5. I haven't traveled with cloth yet, but I really should try it!

  6. I love the pictures above of all the things you take! It is easier than one would think! People think I'm nuts, but really they are nuts for not trying it!


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