Sunday, February 26, 2012

GenerationMe Detergent – Review & Giveaway!

As cloth diapering parents, we all have had our un-fair share of dealing with laundry detergents. There are so many choices out there, leaving us clueless on which to choose. To make things even more complicated, those with hard water, like me, have the issue of detergent build-up which can leave horrible rashes on the bottoms of our little ones.

Just when you think that you are finished with waking up every couple or few hours for feedings…baby wakes up every few hours to change a diaper and apply more diaper cream to a bumpy and flaring rash of a screaming child. This nightly ritual literally brought tears to my eyes, not only because I sympathized with my wailing children, but also because of the ammonia smell! What was I doing wrong? Babies have been wearing cloth for centuries, surely not every parent dealt with this issue.

This is what I dealt with a little over a month ago with my two little ones in cloth. After experimenting with over half a dozen detergents (not to mention constant diaper stripping and adding multiple rinse cycles), most of which were chemical-free and cloth diaper friendly, I have finally found one that is leaving my little one’s bottoms completely rash free! Not to mention that I was singing “Hallelujah!” (no lie!) after opening my dryer door and not having to get a whiff of ammonia or “barn yard” smell that usually stuck around after multiple washes with other detergents.

By far the most important thing to me when choosing a cloth diaper detergent, especially since one of the main reasons I wanted to cloth diaper was to avoid and harmful chemicals from touching my babies’ skin. So…it would make sense to use a detergent that didn’t have anything harmful either, right?

The ingredient list of this detergent is as follows:

Castile Soap (Soil Remover – made from vegetable oils),
Oxidizing Agent (Natures bleach – breaks down to water, oxygen and soda ash),
Baking Soda (Odor remover),
Citric Acid (Water Softener).

…yes, you counted right…4 ingredients and does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, phenols or phosphates. It is also HE safe!

Prior to using this detergent, I was a little hesitant to use it because of the castile soap. I searched the web for information on this soap and hard water. Some cloth manufacturers suggest not use castile soap on cloth diapers because it can add build up on diapers, which was a problem for me before. However, I found diaper sites that suggested using it in homemade cloth detergents. Based on my experience, the GenerationMe detergent has been proven to be a blessing and I have found the need to strip my little one’s diapers less, and my washing routine is extremely simple (pre-rinse, full hot/cold cycle with 1 tbs of detergent, soak, and let the cycle finish!)

You can check out other wonderful eco-friendly GenerationMe products here

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