Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bring On The LuLaRoe - Enter To Win $30 In LuLaRoe Cash!

I would like to let you in on a little secret, or maybe just admit my latest obsession...I am in love with LuLaRoe!

Up until about a month ago, I was wearing oversized t-shirts and yoga pants on almost a daily basis. It is not that I do not lack fashion sense (ok, maybe I do a little...), but that last years clothes just simply do not fit after giving birth to my third child this past spring.

However, when I started seeing fellow ma ma's in my playgroup crowd wearing unique and brightly colored clothing, it put my just rolled out of bed motif to shame. When I complimented them on their ensemble, I often heard "thanks, it is my new LuLaRoe".

At first, I was super skeptical about spending $25 on a pair of leggings, because I am a bargain shopper and rarely spend $15 or $20 on a new item of clothing. I took pride in my Goodwill and yard sale finds. However, after slipping into my first pair of buttery-soft leggings, I was hooked. I currently own 4 pairs of one-size leggings, a Randy, and a Julia (perhaps the most flattering dress ever!) Each item is super-comfy and I feel not so dressed-down as I do in my lounging clothes.

I think the best part about LuLaRoe is that I get to unleash my inner artist (yes, I was an art student in my previous, pre-child life) since a limited number of items in each print are made. In fact, each beautiful piece has an incredible story to tell and is the product of thousands of artisan and craftsmen around the world. Consultants do not know what prints will be in their inventory shipments, so every pop-up sale is definitely a surprise to the customers, and if you see something that you like, you better claim it quick, because you may not see it again unless you stalk every consultant in the country. That is what makes LuLaRoe so popular and desirable.

If you have yet to experience the joy that is LuLaRoe (or perhaps you would like to add to your collection), here is your chance...

Enter to win $30.00 of LuLaRoe cash courtesy of consultant Danielle Meek using the Gleam app below.

Be sure to check out Danielle's current inventory here , as well as follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest stocking, giveaways, sales, and more.

Open to US residents 18 years & older. Giveaway ends October 6th at 11:59 pm EST

Friday, September 16, 2016

Here Comes Baby Giveaway ~ Over $708 In Prizes!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Accessorize Your Fall Walk Or Run ~ It's Fall Y'all! Giveaway

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are starting to cool off, which can only mean one thing... It's Fall Y'all! Let's celebrate this popular season with a giveaway hop, hosted by Lindsey Blogs and Viva Veltoro. That's right, a great group of bloggers have come together to offer you giveaways, so be sure to hop around to them all in the linky at the bottom of this post.

Fall is my favorite time for walks and brisk runs in the crisp, cool what better time to giveaway two awesome exercise accessories?

The bamboo liner of the Ponya sweatbands has micro-fibers that are super absorbent and actually wick the moisture away from the skin. This prevents over-saturation and keeps sweat from running down your face and into your eyes during your workout. The micro-fibers also help keep your sweatband in place so it wont slip off! There is nothing worse that a sweatband that slips! 

Hydrate, filter, and infuse - Bobble Infuse is the ideal water bottle for everyone in every situation. This dishwasher-safe and BPA-free bottle is a versatile system that gives you the power to choose how you drink. Enjoy filtered water from a tap, make infusions and take them with you, and forget about bothersome hand washing. With a squeezable body and numerous color options, the American-made Infuse is your hydration companion.

For filtering water, it includes a replaceable carbon filter that is tested for 300 16.9oz refills. To infuse, simply remove the filter, add your favorite fruit or vegetables to the bottle, replace the cap, and enjoy!

Enter to win a Ponya sweatband and a Bobble Infuse bottle using the Gleam app!
Giveaway is open to all U.S. & CAN residents 18 years and older
Ends at 11:59pm EST September 27th, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Enter To Win Your Choice of Usborne Books! #backtoschool #bts #groovygiveaway

It's back to school time! To celebrate, I am giving you the opportunity to add some beautiful award-winning Usborne and Kane Miller books to your home library! 

I have been a longtime fan of Usborne books, and use many of them for my kid's homeschool curriculum. Our favorites are the Usborne encyclopedias which are an amazing bargain starting at $9.99 and are offered in paperback or hardcover for a little more. The encyclopedias are internet linked, so after reading about a particular subject, you can view videos, downloadable photos, and additional resources. They make the perfect companion for research papers for elementary to high school!


This year, my boys (who are fascinated with computers) will also be learning how to code using the Usborne book Coding For Beginners Using Scratch. This book, in conjunction with the Scratch website (a free, online program developed by MIT which is widely used in elementary schools), allowing them to get inside the code of their computer and create simple games and animations on screen.

This hardcover and spiral bound book (also an amazing bargain at $14.99!) is very durable and has bright and colorful pictures with easy to follow instructions for absolute beginners! The age suggestion for this book is 9 years and up, but my 7 year old can easily follow instructions and his 6 year old brother will be able to complete the activities with a little help. 

 Also included in the book is a glossary of terms and definitions that you can quiz your child with. I really cannot get over how entertaining this book and the games are. My boys love playing app games on the phone and tablet, which I try to limit as much as possible, but I do allow them to spend an hour or two with the Coding For Beginners challenges because they are gaining an understanding of how to create games like those that they love and get the satisfaction of watching that creation come to life with sound and music!

Of course, there are plenty of other wonderful books for every age from infant to teen that encourages play, literacy, and imagination. You can view just a small sample in the video below.

Take A Peek At Other Usborne & Kane Miller Books

You can browse all age-appropriate books for your loved one here.
* Note : All purchases made through through this link will help provide free books to The Family Center in Wilmore, Ky to help build their homeschooling library!

...and now for the giveaway!
All residents of the US & CAN 18 years and up can enter

Groovy Giveaways

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Spirited, Not Broken...

The other day, I gave my youngest son 7 math problems, a feat that I expected to be accomplished in just a few minutes. Of course, it ended up being much closer to 15 because he insisted on flying the mancala game pieces that he used for counting in the air, while making whooshing sounds. I had to bite my lip for much of that time, otherwise I would have blurted "No! stop pretending that those beads are space ships! Pay attention to your work! See? Your brother has already completed TWO pages!" All the while thinking "Why can't he just focus? What do I need to do to correct this?"


My crazy kid. He insisted on a bowl of milk with a side of fish for lunch.
While watching him play with those little bright pieces of colored plastic, I realized that his "problem" was in fact not a problem at all - I was the problem.

In this moment, I have come to realize that my ultimate job as a parent is to help my child flourish and rather than try to shape him into someone that he is not.

Both of my boys have an incredible imagination, and my youngest has the uncontrollable urge to make everything fun. It is so incredibly easy for him to get lost in his imaginary world of being a fighter pilot - a daydream that I am so quick to take him out of by nagging him to finish some very boring worksheet or change into some "real" clothes versus his costumes. He loves attending his lessons dressed as Batman, Wolverine, or any other number of superheroes.